"I Am Prepared To Be Amazed"

Despite the fact I have lived in Canada almost as long as I lived in the United States (mail order bride you know - LOL), I am still surprised when Thanksgiving pops up early in October. This year was no exception. At the end of last week I was asked by my daughter if there WAS a family dinner this year - OOPS! The meal gets simpler and somehow we pull it all together with cleaning the house the last thing anyone wants to be involved in.

Last year at this time I had 2 out of 3 kids wandering the globe and I think I finally opted out of the annual feast in response. This year the house is yet again full, and the extended family arrives tomorrow afternoon to eat drink and be merry. But the circle of life inevitably means that over the years the numbers do dwindle until the younger generation begins to establish their own families.

Life offers a compensation for these changes. I have a new found freedom to explore wider friendships and exciting challenges. People I met many years ago are slowly becoming closer acquaintances and most weeks I am introduced to a new face that hopefully will become someone I know well in the future. Life changes, but it's never dull for those watching for the next open door or anticipating the next new adventure. My life is not always easy, and many times can be stressful, but it is never boring.

So before the crowd descends on my house tomorrow - I am taking a moment to revel in the opportunities that have come my way. I will always be grateful to the Facebook Friend who suggested a 6 word memoir for me. "I am prepared to be amazed"