A Reflection on Life's Journey......................

Today I am feeling particularly blessed, so this blog will be more a reflection of my thoughts.....

From the time I had my first child until now has been a wild and many times rough ride.  Bullying, sewing dance costumes from home and then building a magazine - not one of these journeys is for the weak.  I can't remember the number of times I woke up in a panic wondering if I could deal with the day or meet my deadlines. There were a few bad mornings spent talking to Ralph on the big white telephone.  And always there was that underlying voice questioning if I was doing my best and/or SUCCEEDING?  Was I wasting my time?

There have several moments in the last 2 months which have led me to realize that all the loose threads of my journey these last 20 years are being woven into a pattern. I would have loved to have this happen in my youth, but life has it's own way of picking the right time and place. That place is finally now!

First there was an interview with Zen Chaplain Patti DeSante (founder of Ujamaah) who talked about presence. To the best of my knowledge at this point it means shutting off all the noise in your head and going to a deeper quiet space. Here creative answers arise without being limited by our conscious thoughts.  She also discussed  the first time a woman who was to become one of her teachers walked into the room.  She felt her presence before she saw her.

Next came a Women of Worth (WOW) event - I flipped a coin and luckily decided to attend. It featured publisher Julie Salisbury of Influence Publishing.  From the moment she stepped up to speak I was emotionally overwhelmed.  Such a strange reaction for me. When I met her one-on-one, there was the same reaction. Sometimes being guided is such a subtle thing, but this time it was like a whack upside the head.

Then the next morning I happened across a list of 50 life lessons on someone's blog.  Right there at #18 was, "A writer writes.  If you want to be a writer, write."  Message received!  I don't know where I will end up at the end of 2013, but the journey is obviously meant to be. I am alternately exhilarated, terrified, joyous, exhausted and more.  I can only reflect on a story a friend shared.  They were sitting with their grandmother when she looked the straight in the eye and said, "Aging isn't for sissies!"


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