Vancouver Fashion Week FW 13 - Gala

Candid images by Peter Jensen
Boboli runway images by  ??????

The opening gala for Vancouver Fashion Week this season was held in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Vancouver.  Guests came dressed to impress and designers were there accompanied by a model showcasing one of their garments to give us a taste of what was to come. No matter whether you were in the main area with runway or the side room with 2 bars, the space was packed with a capital "P"!  The media wall was always filled with those getting their photos taken alone or with friends.

When I first arrived I was surprised to see so many new faces. That's always a great surprise for me and what the fashion industry needs, an ever widening circle of supporters.  As the evening progressed I also began to connect with more and more of those valued industry friends I had not seen since the holidays. While you can't do a lot of catching up with so many people around, there is still a chance to say hi and try to arrange coffee dates. The opening area also held several displays to peruse such as the one featuring clothing by Xsenia and Olya of London.

I loved having the designers in attendance - along with a model in one of their looks - lined up along one wall so photographers and guests alike could wander over and get an idea what they will see in upcoming shows. The range was great - from street wear to conceptual to high end gowns.  One that instantly caught my eye was the dress by Hatice Ipek Tohumcu. I loved the design right down to the upside down triangle cut-out in back - but it was the beautiful workmanship and intricate laser cut leather applique that took it to the next level. As I won't be able to make her show at 6 p.m. on Saturday, I immediately caught up with Tohumcu to arrange to view her collection earlier in that day.

As the evening progressed, our focus turned to the runway. First there were several important people to be introduced by host Christie Will - writer, director, producer at Christie Will Films. Then came a brief showing of each designer's look with information on the day and time of their show. The evening then ended with the first runway show of the week by Boboli - a boutique on Granville Street that offers high-end, luxury garments for both men and women. Pictures speak louder than words, so I'll let the images below tell the story. This boutique is a must-visit for any serious fashion addict.


I loved this way of ending the opening gala and hope it's a trend that continues in the future. For more information on Vancouver Fashion Week - go to their website at