Studio Cloud 30 VIP Grand Opening Launch of New Location

Event photos courtesy of Kuna Photography.

Where did I meet accomplished recording artist, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Warren Dean Flandez? I think we were introduced a few times at Vancouver Fashion Week. Then one season, it seemed to open up into something more.

I am so glad, as I have so much respect for him both as an artist and a human being. When he asked me if I could make the grand opening of the new Coal Harbour location for Studio Cloud 30, the answer was a resounding YES!

Studio Cloud 30 is where you will find Flandez when he's not performing. It is a warm and inviting space in which talent comes to fine tune their skills and move forward with their careers. It is a "...for-artists, by-artists development hub with a fresh new face, where artists in residence offer high caliber, comprehensive vocal coaching, music lessons, acting training, and practical support for upcoming performers in a diverse range of styles." That includes vocal coaching, songwriting/arranging, instrumental coaching, stage coaching, musical theory, acting, voice over, recording, styling and more. The venue, as well as those who work here, bear the stamp of his generous spirit.

The grand opening attracted an olio of professionals from many industries - entertainment, fashion and more. We mixed and mingled in the beautiful space while sipping wine and noshing on great hors'doeuvres. One of the highlights I missed was Flandez singing - a great disappointment. Turns out I left only 10 minutes early. If I had known I would have stayed. On my way out the door I received a lovely Studio Cloud 30 t-shirt that I am delighted to have. Given my costuming and fashion background, it may morph into a new garment with logo intact. We'll see if inspiration hits me after Christmas.

A special thanks to Warren Dean Flandez and his entire staff for making the evening so warm and welcoming. I am a huge fan and can't wait to follow all the new talent they are developing as they hit their stride as artists. In the meantime, I'm going to have to check out his upcoming performance schedule to make up for my lost opportunity to hear him sing. LOVE Soul/R&B - LOVE listening to Warren in particular!

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