Poetry - To My Sisterhood

To My Sisterhood

by Marilyn R. Wilson

My young years consisted of
A mother, a father and two perfect brothers.
I wasn't the expected sugar and spice
And everything nice.
I'm not sure I was even puppy dog tails.

With most of my time spent
Immersed in an aura of testosterone
I found myself socially
Lost in the fog
When surrounded by those 
Of the female persuasion - the Sisterhood.  

In high school there were 
Three wonderful exceptions.
Randi, Linda and Pat, my friends.
They let me into their world
And offered a place in their life.
I was lost outside of their bubble.

The years passed and nothing changed.
I mostly hung in the "yang" world.
I walked the easy path and 
Flowed with the tide.
Salesmen, dance partner, brothers, male friends.
But I secretly craved more "yin" connection.

Then I stumbled into my fifth decade.
There were leaps into the unknown.
New directions that left me gasping.
Listening became my passion.
Giving wings to stories my new focus.
I swirled in a pool of both "yin" and "yang" 

Somewhere along the way
There was a AHA moment.
The pieces fell into place in 
A beautiful new pattern emerged. 
I discovered my place in the "Yin" - the Sisterhood,
The amazing women meant to be in my circle.

What joy it is to call these female superstars my friends.
How easy our ebb and flow.
How joyful to spend time together .
I stand in awe of their strength and generosity.
They surround me with love and support.
Today I honor each and every one of you!

Happy International Women's Day to my Sisterhood!


  1. So happy to be part of your sisterhood, even if I am the other Randi!

    1. And I am so glad you are. The sisterhood is now too big to list names. In high school it was simply 3. HAHAHHAHAH. Hope we connect again soon. Maybe VFW? Been too long.


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