EFWA Upcycling Challenge by Marilyn R Wilson Part 4 of 5 - Amber Nifong, Lauren Kemp of Lo Life, Charné Esterhuizen of MAAK Clothing & Ras Kasozi of Kas Wear

I was so honoured when the founder of Eco Fashion Week Australia offered to let me create a unique show for their event in November in Perth, Australia. It took two weeks to finalize the idea for this upcycling challenge and another one to two weeks to finalize this amazing list of incredible talents - 21 in all representing 12 countries. Each will be creating one unique look from used men's dress shirts (thrift store or flea market finds, discards from family and friends or ?).

These fashion designers were all asked to step out of the box conceptually and have fun with the challenge. Their look should represent them as designers and showcase their creativity. They were asked to do more than just use the shirts as fabric. At least one original detail from the original garments used should be incorporated in their final design.

Here is a brief introduction to the next four designers -  Amber Nifong, Lauren Kemp of Lo Life, Charné Esterhuizen of MAAK Clothing & Ras Kasozi of Kas Wear.  Alex S. Yu, Francesca Phipps, Jessie Liu, Sacha Cooper and Tieler James were covered in Press Release Part 1 - HERE. Aloke Kumar Singh, Camila Castillo, Lesley Hampton & Sam Stringer were covered in Press Release Part 2 - HERE. Anita Heiberg, Jacqueline Zeyi Chen, Sara Armstrong & Stevie Crowne were covered in Press Release Part 3 - HERE. The rest of the designers will be covered in a final press release coming soon.

To read about my  journey to create this challenge, check out my article, "The Move From Media Seat To Backstage."

Amber Nifong (New York City) –

Lauren Kemp, Lo Life Shop (Vancouver) -

  • About – Designer Lauren Kemp describes the garments she creates as, “Repurposed Vintage Goods as Well-Loved and Worn In as your Soul.” She works to keep used garments from ending up in landfils by hand embroidering & re-purposing clothing Remaking them into apparel you wear until it falls apart. Because of the hand detailing, garments aren't “perfect” - they have character!
  • Website - www.lolifeshop.com
  • Studied at – Vancouver Community College
  • Instagram - @lolifeshop
  • Facebook - www.facebook.com/LoLifeShop/
Charné Esterhuizen, MAAK Clothing (Canberra) -

  • About – MAAK Clothing focuses on creating sustainable fashions for tomorrow by introducing 3d printing into our range of garments and accessories. The benefits are endless. Mass-customisation, local production, 3D printing and fabrics are combined and then detailed with tailored stitching lines, giving a stylish and unique look. All garments are designed and produced locally in Canberra.
  • Website - www.maakclothing.com
  • Studied at - Canberra Institute of Technology and Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)
  • Instagram - @maak_clothing
  • Facebook - www.facebook.com/MAAKCLOTHING/
  • Linked In - www.linkedin.com/in/charne-esterhuizen-5a9a0ab0/
Ras Kasozi, Kas Wear (Kampala)

  • About –Raz Kasozi is a self taught fashion designer who began his passion at a very young age. Lack of money led him to explore upcycling and the use of different textiles and materials to create the  unique, one-of-a-kind looks that have become his trademark. His collections have been show on the international stage, he collaborates with established designers around the world and is partnered with the U.S. Mission Kampala on Skilled Expressive Entrepreneurial Designers Show (SEED), a project that promotes fashion and entrepreneurship.
  • Website - www.kaswear.com/
  • Studied at – Self-taught
  • Instagram - @raskasozi
  • Facebook - www.facebook.com/kaswearfashion/
  • Linked In - www.linkedin.com/in/ras-kasozi-34286b99/