When Did YOU Become a Dirty Word?

When Did YOU Become a Dirty Word?

How did I miss it?
You has become a dirty word!
You people - you kids
You women - you men
You illiterates - you freaks
YOU.................the list goes on.

Three innocuous letters, just three.

It has become a banner of racism.
Sexism, homophobia, racial discrimination.
Used by those who want to divide us,
To try to prove their own self worth,
They use it to try to climb on top of others.
Instead their actions simply shame them.

Hate expressed is but a mirror showing the rot inside. 

Self worth is never obtained
At the expense of another.
And we all become burdened with 
The collective cultural guilt
Created by the actions
Of those who try to make us feel separate.

I chose today to make my voice heard!

I believe that diversity
Is humanity's greatest strength.
I am filled with joy in knowing
We can weave a new story,
The words we can instead embrace are
Our, we, us and all - words of unity!

It only takes a single breathe to start a new conversation.