A Story From My Closet #5 - Kimm Brickman Pineau, This Coat!

Guest Article by Kimm Brickman Pineau

This coat. It's been around for quite some time. It belonged to my mom. She told me it was one of the most expensive purchases she ever made as a young woman, way back in the 50's.

As a little girl, I loved to snuggle up to her when she wore it. It was soft and it smelled like her, but looked like our poodle. The tight little curls of the fur begged to be stroked. At some point it ended up tucked way back in her closet, left behind for something more fashionable and less dated. It was forgotten, but not forsaken.

Flash forward from the 60's to the 80's and guess who was wearing the poodle! This coat. It was my statement piece as I roamed the west end of Vancouver with my punk boots, Nana Mouskouri glasses and crazy hair. I wore it with pride, even though I could not help but feel a bit guilty that it was real fur. It carried a history and people loved to hear my story about it.

The 90's brought babies and suburban life. This coat now hung in the back of my closet. Every now and then I would put it on and giggle, then hang it back up. I hoped that maybe one day my daughter might want it. My mom thought I was crazy for keeping it. It was worn out and beginning to fall apart. The lining was torn and dirty and it had a bit of a funky, second hand store kind of scent. I just couldn't seem to part with it and so there it stayed, quietly hanging around, just waiting for another chance.

My mom died in 1995. I was 34 years old and I was unprepared for the grief that hit so hard. This coat. It became my security blanket. I needed it to hang in my closet. On dark days, I would slip it on and feel her cuddling me. I was convinced that the musty scent had faded and I could once again smell her perfume and feel her warmth. Those tiny curls of fur were once again stroked, with loving memories healing my soul.

Life took some twists and turns for me. There were heart breaks and struggles and a couple of big residential moves, but that coat never did make it to the second hand store. Three years ago I took it to a seamstress who fixed the lining as best she could. She tidied it up and gave it a new button to make it a bit more trendy.

I now wear it when I feel sentimental, or silly or sometimes just when I am damn cold, because this coat, is WARM! This coat still has life. This coat is "furever."

= = = = 

Kimm Brickman Pineau is the co-owner/ founder of All of Oils, Wholesome Oils and Vinegars. When not busy living the retail dream, she and her husband, Glenn spend their time cooking, eating and traveling. With a love of writing to also sustain them, they have written more than 12 screen plays over the years. Kimm has also penned 2 collections of poetry.

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  1. That's super sweet and fun to read Kimm! 💙 I'm glad you kept the coat and shared your story!

    1. I am so glad she did to. Got goosebumps and few tears while reading it.


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