The Burlesque Wow Factor

Photo by Peter Jensen
Despite being at the Fraser Valley Bead Show all day yesterday, I managed to make it to the Hard Candy fashion show at Scout Boutique.  For those who have not heard of Misty Greer, her Trunk Show brand is a line of sexy wear inspired by pin-up and burlesque.  When she puts together a fashion show, it's an all out celebration of women.

Yesterday I was privileged to watch approximately eight models celebrate their sensuality while showcasing Greer's new line.  I am guessing most come from the burlesque world - if not they certainly were able to step into the roll easily.  They represented a variety of body types and personal styles and celebrated that fact when they stepped out to model.  No stony faces, no bones poking out, it was unbelievably refreshing.  I loved the seductive smiles, I loved the range of bodies - from thinner to fuller, from small chest to large - and I loved the way they each felt their sensuality in a completely different way.  For some it was a slither down the runway.  Others used their faces to create that wow factor.  It was women at their best, exuding confidence in their own skin.  As I tend to be one who is very negative about my body shape, these shows are always a lesson that it's really about feeling great for who you are.  If you feel sexy in your skin, it's how everyone else will feel about you too.

Photo by Peter Jensen
The Trunk Show line is not for the faint of heart.  Greer pushes everyone to break out and enjoy being flirtatious. There are sexy stretch skirts in pink and black that hug your curves.  I particularly liked the black with a ruffle over each hip to accentuate a curvy figure and bravely purchased one that I intend to flaunt at an upcoming event.  The collection included a sequins dress and two shrugs, a couple styles of silkier dresses with cut-outs, pointy bra cup details, lots of flirty self material bows accents and much much more.  The final garment was a show piece displayed on a local burlesque performer - Danielle Swanson (Lola Frost).  I have no idea how to describe it except to say it was very nude and unbelievably sexy on her.  In true burlesque fashion, Misty had designed it to have a large part of the fabric slowly unwind leaving the model with just the important bits covered.  It brought the house down.

Congrats to Scout Boutique and Misty Greer for again raising my spirits with such an entertaining show and reminding me it's okay to be comfortable in my own skin.  I can't wait to wear my new sexy black skirt and promise to feel and act the part when I step out in it.  Watch out Vancouver, the new me is on the way.