Fashion Design Students

When I first signed on to write for Vancouver Fashion eZine in 2007, my only stipulation was that I be allowed to cover a student designer each month. Three years later this is still a part of the magazine's regular coverage. The only sad turn of events? With my step up to editor this assignment now rotates among all our writers. I miss meeting each student, hearing their personal story and their dreams for the future. It is a chance to have that first interview with a budding talent who may one day be recognized on an international basis. They are young, enthusiastic and full of energy.

Design students are featured from five of the local schools - AI, Blanche, Kwantlen, UFV and VCC - with additional illustrations from their students included in the yearly print collectible. Each school has its own focus. Some offer more artistic freedom, some train their students towards market niches, some programs are short, some go four years. No two grad fashion shows shows are the same. Over the years there have been many exceptional grads locally and I hesitate to name names lest I forget someone, but I try to follow the careers of as many as I can.

I can't remember who first said, "Our youth are our future..." but that holds in fashion design as well. If you want to get an idea of where the industry may be heading, start to support and attend some of the local grad fashion shows. Talk to the students who stand out to you and prepare to be inspired.

Vancouver Fashion Design schools in alphabetical order -
Art Institute of Vancouver
Blanche Macdonald
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
University of the Fraser Valley
Vancouver Community College