The Pressures of Politics

 With an open day stretching in front of me, I still wanted to take a moment and create a new entry for my blog (part of my commitment to focus on writing again).  Usually I prefer something with a clear focus - people, events, charity, etc.  Today I decided to turn my mind to something a little more philosophical - the pressures of politics.

When I stepped up to become editor of Vancouver Fashion eZine, the last consideration for me was the politics of the job. I wanted this amazing opportunity to interview and write on artists lives to continue and the articles published to have a positive impact in an ever widening global audience. We're all one happy fashion family here - RIGHT?  Unfortunately the answer is not always.  There are strong currents under the surface as to who should be covered, who should not and in what order.  Everyone, including design students, seem to have an opinion to share. While I value input, it is overwhelming when it happens at a very public event.

For those who do not know - I am the daughter of a minister who absolutely hated being in the limelight as a "somebody" where every action was recorded and commented upon. Becoming a "public figure" has never had any appeal.  Now I find myself at fashion events trying to represent VFE and fielding questions that would be better asked in a casual setting. 

If you have something to contribute to help the magazine continue to grow, I thought this might be a good time to throw out some guidelines.  1. Make sure it is not just a complaint, but something I can work with to help the magazine continue to mentor and promote local fashion artists/professionals.  2. Let's do it over a cuppa, through a phone call or even email.  3. Leave your personal agenda at the door. This is about the entire community. 4. Please accept the fact that we may not agree.  It is okay to disagree, we can still support each others goals.  5. For those who want to put forward names, please send them in an email.  I save all leads that come in if they are a good fit.  It still may take some time to get them in an issue, but they are not forgotten. 

Vancouver has so many talented artists in our community!  I feel very privileged to be here at this point in time.  The coming year will prove to be an exciting one if we all work together.