Runway Fever

 All photography courtesy of Peter Jensen
JC Studios
The fashion season is upon us!  With Vancouver Fashion Week's 45 runway shows to view over the next five days, there is literally something for everyone.  While I always enjoy individual events, I get an extra burst of adrenalin when immersed hour after hour, day after day, especially if there are new faces I have not seen.  It's partly the stimulation if you see something unexpected and partly the constantly changing audience to mingle with.

Valerio Moda
There is also a special thrill when you get to attend as media.  Usually you can come in a bit ahead of time and there is a seat with your name on it!  To this day that small detail still delights and surprises me.  Although not the usual way to do things, I choose not to take notes as I want to experience the collection I am watching as a whole.  It's never about the individual garments for me, but how I am affected by it as an artistic statement.  That said, I can get lost in the details.  As a former seamstress, a unique detail or fabric hinted at throughout the collection can absorb my interest.  On the opposite end are things that make me lose interest - usually at a student show.  They include:  strings hanging from garments, pins, seams that pucker and lack of great finishing techniques. 

Madame Couture
Last night I was feeling very low energy, but from the moment I entered the room I found the adrenalin start to pump.  There were so many amazing industry professionals to reconnect with.  Running into them is always a real plus for me.  We are very blessed in Vancouver to have artists who are not only very talented, but truly nice people to boot.  By the end of the fourth show I was flying high.  It was a great mix of people and a positive atmosphere.  When watching four runways shows in a row you can go on overload unless there is a real variety.  Last night nailed it.  The first show was by JC Studios showcasing their very wearable knits, suits and evening dresses (  Next came Valerio Moda's leather jackets for men (  Then we went to the tropics with exotic and colourful beach wear from Trinidad designer Michel Tudour (FB -By-Madam Couture).  Wrapping up the night was luxurious, high end silk lingerie by Patricia Fieldwalker (  This wide mix ensured those of us watching were kept surprised.

Patricia Fieldwalker
Today promises to be an even longer day - 16 shows from afternoon to evening. Many new faces are on the schedule - some are presenting their very first collection.  At least one is showing their second.  I can't wait to see if the promise shown in her first has matured.   I am still not sure I won't be brain dead by the end, but the first and last designers are rising stars I want to see more from.  So today should offer me some chances to be surprised and intrigued and I hopefully will find a new diamond in the rough to keep my eye on.

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