Five New Designers to Watch Part Three - Eason Wang of UNLOKK

Photo by Jay Lee
What is really interesting about Eason Wang of UNLOKK is how much attention he garners on the runway compared to the amount of press he receives.  I'm not sure, but I think Fame'd Magazine might be the only one who gave him a mention after the recent Eco Fashion Week and I find that amazing.

Wang came to my attention at the Tass Fashion Show in August.  Conceptual, avant garde and out-of-the-box, he stood out from the crowd.  While his line includes garments for both men and women, the menswear was definitely the strong point in this collection.  After the show I found out he was only a first year student at Blanche Mcdonald.  Impressive!  There was a lot of growth needed, but his talent and vision were undeniable.

Next was the chance to see him at Eco Fashion Week in October.  He had definitely progressed from the show in August.  Still not 100% there, but the potential was shining through.  Edgy, conceptual and again, out-of-the-box. He was a welcome respite from the more marketable collections shown.  Menswear still took centre stage for me, but the womenswear had evolved and grown much stronger. 

Photography courtesy of Peter Jensen
A lot of work was yet to be done on finishing and other small details, but the foundation had been laid for someone who could potentially have a strong influence on the fashion world.  Given the comments around me about how many people really enjoyed this show, I am surprised there was not more print recognition. but the Vancouver media does seem to focus more on what is wearable.  For those of us who love to see boundaries pushed, this was a delight.

Eason Wang, Centre Right at EFW - photo by Shaifi and Alfonso Arnold
I have yet to interview this talented design student, but hope the  opportunity will present itself in the near future. Although we only say hi at all events and are Facebook friends, it's obvious he is also very approachable and I can't wait to widen my knowledge of him. This is definitely someone who is a budding fashion artist as opposed to a fashion designer.  The difference is subtle but important. Not sure when he graduates from Blanche Macdonald, but that is one grad show I would make a point of seeing.

Keep and eye out for Eason Wang and Unlokk.  It's definitely a name you will be hearing more of in the future.