Random Acts - Brownies, Macaroons and Mini Cinnamon Rolls - OH MY!

This last week I had the privilege of watching the shows at Vancouver Fashion Week.  Committing to being at all shows over the course of 5 days is always a stretch, but in the end I find it the best way to support what all those involved are trying to do.  It is also impossible to tell in advance which designer you have never heard of will be the one to catch your eye.  Every season there is always at least one surprise.

One thing not everyone appreciates is the sheer man hours that go into any event whether just an evening or over the course of several days.  And the backbone of any fashion event is the enormous number of volunteers that make it all happen.  From checking you in, to seating, to back stage - the list of jobs they do is endless.

Somewhere last season I began to realize how simple it would be to thank them by bringing something small to eat.  It didn't take a lot of effort to drop by the store and pick up some cookies, so one night I brought a bag and shared them with all the people who had been treating me so kindly.  The smile on their face said it was the right move.

Vancouver Fashion Week F/F 2012 was going to take up most of my time for several days so provided the perfect opportunity for a Random Act of Kindness by thanking those around me all week with small treats.  I think I only managed 3 days of the 5 days but it was worth it.  One day the offering was chocolate chip cookies from the Safeway bakery.  The next day I actually broke out the old baking skills and made Snicker Bar Brownies.  For my final offering I put together a tray with 3 flavours of macaroons and some mini-cinnamon buns all purchased from Costco.  See - not hard!

I cannot thank all the volunteers enough for the way they took care of me this last week.  I was not well the first few days and was seated before the doors open and had several people make sure I had a bottle of water for the evening.  My Random Act of Kindness was very small in comparison.  But as I said it's not about size.   While not all Random Acts of Kindness give you the chance to see the results, this one did.  I have to admit it gave me pleasure to see the smile on their face and to share a hug.

Everyone should take a moment at the next event they attend to either thank or do something kind for one the many volunteers helping to make that evening special.  Until then, just keep your eyes open for whatever opportunity arises.

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