Random Acts - Small Change

It's been over a week since I came down with this latest virus.  For the most, part my random act of kindness has been limited to me not passing it on to others by cancelling all meetings.  Yesterday finally offered me an opportunity - small but still there.

A week with no groceries finally forced me out of the house. This was a pretty quick trip with a short list of needed items and a chance to get out of the house for some fresh air.  The self checks where I usually go were all taken with a line of waiting customers.  In scanning the regular check-outs, one seemed pretty empty.  It took only a few seconds to put my few purchases on the counter and then I turned to look at the elderly man in front of me.

Hearing goes at you get older and so does the speed your mind comprehends things.  When the cashier asked if he had 3 pennies, he was lost.  My heart broke as I knew what was happening.  In the blink of an eye I had those coins out of my purse and in the checkers hands.  That's the moment he finally understood what was going on.

It took a bit to get him over his embarrassment at the mix-up and to convince him I didn't want any money back.  My comment to him?  Just save them for someone else who needs them and do your own random act of kindness!

So a very small chance to do something nice for someone, but the size does not matter.  It's just making sure I have my eyes open every day to ways I can make someone's life better.