Roxanne Nikki Fall 2012 - Innovative and Edgy!

I keep telling myself that it is time to shut down the events for the year and slide into the holiday season. I made an exception on Wednesday night and am so glad I did.  Roxanne Nikki is relaunching and in celebration has opened a pop-up shop in Tinseltown now through December 9th.  This is a designer I was late to discover during my time as editor of Fame'd Magazine and I was just working on connecting when the magazine folded.  Obviously I was intensely curious and the evening was a chance to finally see what the designer's current season held.

While it took a little walking to find the pop-up shop on the second floor
in Tinseltown, the space itself was an artist's dream.  Spacious and bright, it was not overcrowded with racks and table.  We had room to move around and each area of the store showcased the silhouettes featured there in an uncluttered space. This was a preview night for media and industry professionals and I saw many big names there such as Jacqueline Kirby of Threads Gazette, photographer Darryl Humphrey, fashion stylists Leila Bani (They Representation) and Deanna Palkowski (Lizbell Agency and Ion Magazine), Jorge Ramos from  Vancouver Television/Wilhelmina Vancouver and Fay Yamamoto Jensen (owner of Armadillo Boutique) .  We all slipped glasses of wine courtesy of Backyard Vineyards and Neck of the Woods. Sweet treats were circulated on trays as well.  My favourite?  Yogurt covered strawberries!

Pleated Leather Shrug with dress
in same fabric.  The shrug is truly
to die for!!!!

Looking around the store, the first thing that caught my eye was the leather.  Imagine my surprise to hear that all of it was high-quality European faux fabric that everyone could wear.  I was particularly drawn to the pleated faux leather the designer used to make a variety of silhouettes.  My favourite hands down was the shrug.  A "Must Have" to die for garment that a photo just cannot capture the impact of.  It is a signature piece that would stand out in any crowd. Another eye-catching portion of the Fall 2012 collection is the high-energy neon furs.  From wraps to jackets, they were great accents to pair with the black palette that dominated. The evening also included a well-edited, tea style fashion show offering us different styling options for the collection.

Roxanni Nikki's luxurious Fall 2012 collection is a mixture of "...innovative materials, textures.  All fabrics are European and made to the designer's specifications.  The designer shares, “The inspiration for this collection resonates with my constant desire for originality, luxury, and super chic modernity. I design for modern men and women who are not afraid to make a statement and embrace their identity as an individual. So every piece I create must have personality, be coveted, and be multi-faceted."  Separates are the main-stay - although you will still find that little black dress along with other one-piece offerings - and most of the women's pieces in particular are multi-functional.  Several are reversible.  For menswear you'll find, "...a vintage heart in a future world...." with unexpected fabrics and colours.

While the designer has returned to Vancouver, she still has Hollywood calling.  Carmen Elctra, Bai Ling, Christina Milian, Kate Linder, Stacy Fancis, Kristanna Lokan, Divine Brown, DJ Photek and Jesse McCartney have all worn her edgy and modern design and the list is still growing.  The designs I saw this night certainly deserve this attention.  They were out of the box in a unique way that will appeal especially to fashionistas looking wanting to make a statement.  Youthful, edgy, modern, unique and more - this collection has it all.

In celebration of her relaunch, and just in time for the holiday season, Vancouverites are being treated to an exclusive Roxanne Nikki pop-up boutique on the second floor of the International Village (88 West Pender).  This chic shopping destination is open from 12-7pm on Thurs. Nov. 29 and Fri. Nov. 30, from 12-5pm on Sat. Dec. 1 and Sun. Dec. 2, and then again from 12-7pm on Thurs. Dec. 6 and Fri. Dec.  7, and 12-5pm on Sat. Dec. 8 and Sun. Dec. 9.  

You can also shop online at her website at