Success, Education, Intelligence & Limitations

by guest writer Krista McKenna of

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What does it mean to be successful?

How many plaques do you need on the wall to be deemed as intelligent?

Why does it make someone more qualified if they have completed a Bachelor's degree? Master'sPhD?

Does intelligence only come from reading books.

Does being qualified only come from the jobs you've obtained.

Who is this person who says if you are above sub-par or not.

Do I really want to be limited to those ideas?

Do I care if I don't meet those expectations?

We (GenY) are taught from a very young age that if we want to be a 'success' in life today, the only way to achieve such is by investing thousands of dollars to enroll into classes of different categories to memorize and digest the teachings of experts. To read thousands of books, draw hundreds of diagrams, write thousands of essays- proclaiming that yes, in fact, you are intelligent.

We are also told that once we complete the years of education, our dream careers will come right after - the 
jobs are just waiting for you to step into it and POW - you are successful.  Is that real?  Do you really think someone is more capable once you know that they have degrees in their name, plastered to their walls?

I went a different route.  I saw books and classrooms with 100 students reading the same book as limiting.  It's not that I think academic strengths are worthless. Absolutely not! I personally just don't learn in that format. I like to learn from hands-on experience. From being right in the thick of it- asking questions, challenging the norm, being forced to react and understanding the repercussions of your reactions instantaneously.

Does that make me inadequate?

Because I chose that route, will I never succeed?

What do you deem as 'success'? What do you believe in? Who is 'right', and who is 'wrong'?

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