A Peace of Fashion

All images by Norm Lee Photography

Jenna Li, Mandy Ross, Clara Kan
SRO Auto Group was the setting for the first Peace of Fashion event. This evening full of food, music and fashion was a fundraiser for Peace and Love International's Cape Town Music Project. The goal?  "To empower and encourage poverty stricken youth to take ownership of their own lives...[by providing them] with a safe haven and the tools necessary for realizing their own personal growth...through music."

The venue was an upbeat space - bright, cheery and white with pink accents to bring it all together.  Organizers Jenna Li and Clara Kan clad in matching pink dresses were here, there and everywhere offering a welcoming smile and exuding tons of energy. They usually knew what was needed before anyone even asked.

Product, jewellery, services and baked goods offered by sponsors were available for guests to peruse and along one wall was a great selection of silent auction items also provided sponsors that called one and all to make a bid.  A table of food offered sustenance to those who needed a nosh after along day at work and a cash bar not only gave us something to sip, but added to the evening's fundraising efforts. All proceeds went directly to the charity.

Music by DJ Rawkus and DJ Icy Touch provided the ambiance. The music selection was great, but the volume did get a bit loud for the small space - you all know my feelings on this already. Then there was hostess Mandy Ross of Fashion TV clad in glittery gold short dress from Timeline Boutique. Long legs, great voice, warm smile and a presence that welcomed everyone - sort of says it all. She kept the evening flowing with ease. Behind the scenes was a raft of volunteers who worked hard to make the evening a success - models, hair, make-up, front door, bartending, etc.

Left -  Shaughnessy (Jennyfleur Loves), Nicolette and Shelly (Blushing Boutique)
Right - Dominique (Hive Mind) and Azura (Timeline Boutique)
Fashions from locals designers/boutiques were the highlight of the evening.  We had Jennyfleur Loves Boutique who offered their own segment and then a second paired with Hive Mind MillineryBlushing Boutique and Timeline Boutique.

I want to start with Shelly Klassen of Blushing Boutique because she is the closing show at Vancouver Fashion Week on March 20th - THIS WEEK, so time to get your ticket. This designer is best known for her passion to create feminine dresses - I bet her clients can spot one of her dress designs from across a crowded room - but that's not the whole story. She also offers a range of separates so I included one of those looks below. Today was a chance to get a small taste of the larger collection she will be presenting on Wednesday. Love the vivid, deep blue in the dress below right.

Jennyfleur Loves is a great addition to the Yaletown shopping scene. This mother/daughter boutique is all about international styles and trends - meeting the needs of Vancouver's fashion forward men and women.  There is also have an online store to meet the needs of a global market. This evening co-owner Shaughnessy paired up with local fashion stylist Nicolette-Lang Andersen to create the looks we saw on the runway. Very cool fabric printed with money in the outfit below left and I loved the black/white graphic pieces in the outfit below right.

Dominique Hanke has been making waves since she first launched her unique line of hats a year and a half ago and her popularity shows no sign of abating. This evening she offered several wonderful designs from her Hive Mind Millinery portfolio. Looks ranged from a quirky, circular disc with colourful painting, to the sleek, classy derby to frothy sprays of net. The looks were paired with black silhouettes from Jennyfleur Loves and finished with great jewellery from Shine Jewels.

Last but not least is Timeline, one of the wonderful boutiques in Gastown. For the evening, they chose to showcase the wide diversity of looks from beachwear to the red carpet.  Black Dolce & Gabanna, BCBC Mx Azria and a teal silk Malandrino were all showcased and styled from head to toe! Interesting details included the dress on the left below with feather skirt and the one in the middle with macrame over dress.

Key also to the success of the evening was a great group of sponsors. From location, to food, to display tables of goodies, to silent auction items - their generosity was a big part of the fundraising portion of this charity event.

SRO Auto Group                               SKIN Lisa Marie
Hush Magazine                                   Shine Jewels
Candy Paint Nails                               Aruhndara
Carmen Tse Make-up                        Yaletown Laser
Lyck Natural Bodycare                       Luxe Beauty Lounge
Lemonade Bakery                              Dezre Jewelry
Bonchaz                                             Honey Drop Jewelry
Trees Organic                                    Charisma Spa Lounge
Kawaii Eats                                       Trap Star Life
GHN Nutrition                                   Modern Mix Vancouver

I want to close with a beautiful note written by organizer Clara Kan from the Peace of Fashion event page -

"After 6 months of planning and meeting weekly, in 3 hrs, we raised $6500!!!!!!!! I am so happy our fashion fundraiser was such a success! I am even more elated by the fact that we can help so many more children and youth living in extreme violence and poverty in South Africa with the funds we raised! It has been an incredible journey and learning experience, and I am so blessed to have worked alongside with my love, Jenna and all of amazing fellow volunteers. On behalf of Peace and Love International, I would like to thank you all for your generosity, positivity, and kindness! You all showed us so much peace and love!!"

For more information on Peace and Love International, you can read a previous article titled Peace and Love International: "A Peace of Fashion" or check out their website at www.peaceandloveinternational.com.