Peace and Love International - "A Peace of Fashion"

Peace and Love International was founded in January 2008. If you look at their logo, you'll notice something unusual. See it yet? The graphics are designed to bring home the concept of "Turning the World Upside Down." Their goal - to make positive changes where the needs are the greatest.

Why the name Peace and Love Interational? "[It] is based around the...philosophy that by passionately working towards peace, and treating all people with love, all things good are possible...[By] working thoughtfully, with a yearning for respect and justice, and by sharing full-heartedly, we can work towards creating a global community which fosters the healthy growth of all those within it." In looking at their website, one of the programs that caught my eye was the Each One Teach One tutoring campaign in South Africa. Education is one of the main roads to improving the future for marginalized people, so it would be great to see this concept expanded globally.

Unlike many charities, Peace and Love International has a no-profit policy that includes no-paid staff.  All money received is channeled into current projects. Funds are raised through unique events put on by people from all walks of life as well as through donations, grants and the support of groups such as the Rotary Club. Behind every charity's public face, you find the myriad of passionate people who are drawn to donate their time and contribute in a meaningful way. I wanted to share the words of one such person - Jenna Li - on why she became involved with Peace and Love as well as information on the organization's upcoming A Peace of Fashion fundraising event.

From Jenna Li -
Peace and Love International is held near and dear to my heart as it is the first non-profit organization that I have ever worked for. Shortly after starting to work in the organization as a volunteer, I was asked to be on the board as the Public Relations subcommittee chair. That is when I realized how passionate I was about actively giving back in ways that go beyond making a simple donation. 

Living in a world filled with conspicuous consumption, it is easy for us to become oblivious to the intense hardships and struggles that foreign countries have to live with. Being a part of a non-profit organization really humbles you into acknowledging that having a meaningful life goes beyond instant gratification. 

By creating amazing fundraising events such as the upcoming"A Peace of Fashion" (Saturday March 16, 2013), people are given the opportunity to take that first step in giving back. By attending our events, not only do guests get to enjoy themselves,they also get the opportunity to be educated about our cause and better yet, be inspired to make a difference. 

My friend and fellow board member, Clara Kan and I have spent countless months planning this fashion show fundraiser and we hope that you will all enjoy it! The array of people that we have met whilst planning this event are what makes this gathering even more meaningful. It is a fundraiser solely built on sponsors and volunteers with 100% of the proceeds going towards our efforts in South Africa, CapetownA Peace of Fashion is not only a fundraising event celebrating fashion, but it is an event that brings together an array of people who all have charitable hearts.

Delivery of 20 hospital beds and mattresses for
organization Baphumelele's hospice efforts.
For more information on this upcoming event with show featuring fashion looks from Timeline Boutique, Pilar's Boutique, Jennyfleur Loves, Blushing Boutique and Hive Mind Millinery, check out the A Peace of Fashion Facebook event page. Tickets are available through Eventbrite.