What Is Ego?

by guest writer Krista McKenna of

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                                Ego is a Latin word meaning “I“, cognate with the 

                                Greek “Εγώ (Ego)” meaning “I”, often used in English 

                                 to mean the “self”, “identity” or other related concepts.
                                – Wikipedia

Is 'ego' the definition above? Or is it what your socially impacted mind sees attached to each person? Can it be presented in different ways? Or is it nothing but a natural human 
characteristic. Whatever and however it may be, how does 'ego' effect you? Does it drive you towards your goals? Or does it limit you by putting you into a socialistic little box with a pretty bow attached to its imposed restrictions?

If I speak with strength - honestly and in a forward manner,
If I stand tall with a straight spine and look people in the eye,
Does that mean that I have an ego?
Is it good or bad?
Should I care? What if I don't?

Decorate me with your terms.:

“Powerful”  ”Strong”  ”Confident”


Competitive”  ”Bitch”  ”Arrogant 

How does your correct or incorrect perception of my core self and soul impact MY capabilities and why should it? Am I only limiting myself because I refuse to allow others to dictate my actions? Maybe I am - maybe I'm not. How much outside needs to be internalized to secure a harmonious non-egotistical balance and is that an ideal that is even achievable?  

Human errors and faults turn into corrupt beauty as we find our own successes through life lessons and fall flat on our faces from our mistakes. Find pride, joy and confidence in your discoveries. Find sorrow, shame and weakness when you are blind and are rudely (and often surprisingly) forced to wake up. Each of us will always have a lesson we are meant to learn them. 

The perfect recipe of open minded consent and strength can be found within your convictions. We can not be without our ego as our ego is us - our present self. Embracing such lessons round out who we were meant to be. 

Unless, of course, you disagree?