Trisha Petrovich - A Look Back To The Beginning

With Trisha due to launch her first men's collection at Men's Fashion Week on August 8/10, I decided I wanted to offer a 2 part introduction to this designer. The first is the article by Ashley Perfonic that appeared in Fame'd Magazine in June 2011.  Tomorrow I will put up a new article talking about her journey from graduation to launching her Tastemaker Clothing line for men. 


by Ashley Perfonic

Years from now Trisha Petrovich will be the Creative Director behind a top selling fashion label, loving what she does and utilizing every one of her wild ideas. To all those people who tried to steer her career in a different direction, she'll look back and say "I told you so!" Growing up in Winnipeg, the idea of a career in fashion seemed to get strange looks, but this talented designer knew it was the right decision for her. 

Interested in fashion from an early age, Petrovich was a girl happy at home who drew stick people with dresses. Giving herself every opportunity she could to be involved in fashion, Petrovich worked in retail after high school. Hard work paid off and soon she was taking charge of visual direction for 13 stores in three provinces. Petrovich's passion did not go unnoticed and with her boss' encouragement, it was time to take the next step and commit to the Fashion design program at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Talent and passion would not be enough to prepare Petrovich for the entire creative process that goes into designing a full collection from concept to construction. "In fashion school you are the designer, the drafter, the seamstress, and the salesperson. I guess you could say I was a little naive to this fact at first." Yet along with the challenging process comes the rewarding lessons. With no right or wrong answers in design, Petrovich had to rely heavily on her own personal taste and judgment. Learning to trust her perspective and stay true to her vision were the most important lessons learned in school. 

Appreciating fashion trends while always wanting to be on the edge of the next big thing, Petrovich designed her grad collection for "a vivacious young woman who is a taste maker!" The Electronic Love grad collection is inspired by the "constant electronic vibe running through life and manifesting in music, art and fashion." Described as "IN. YOUR. FACE; young and sexy," the collection challenges the common notion of taste. The most difficult and research-intensive garment for Petrovich to create was the LED light piece. Lights are sound activated and flash in sync to music. As a nod to the future as depicted by pop culture (think "Tron" and "The Jetsons") and in exaggerated details in shape and colour, the collection has a very "tongue-in-cheek attitude toward fashion."

Petrovich is excited to get involved in the creative process of a Vancouver-based company. "I'm an ideas person. I love taking a small concept and turning it into something larger than life." When asked for a style philosophy she believes it's as simple as " yourself. If your style shows who you are, than it has served its purpose." 

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