All images by Jarder Productions unless noted otherwise.

The lovely Keiko taking a bow!
While there might have been significant rain earlier in the day, it didn't keep guests away from the next Ageless Fashion & Beauty event by Vernard LuvNGrace at the beautiful Waterfall Building near Granville Island. This evening held a truly great line-up - a small segment from Denise Brillon's production, MIXED, which she will be offering in full sometime in the new year; couture evening wear by Nancy Perrault; paintings by Yves Decary - L'Atelier Hair Salon - as well as a live painting created by him during the evening of one of the guests; and a multi-media film by Mark Jarder of Jarder Productions.

The Waterfall Building is such a beautiful venue to hold an event, partially because of the angled glass wall on one side and partially because it is also an art gallery.  This evening the walls were adorned with the large, colourful abstract paintings of Richard Roblin (through October 24th).  Two metal torso sculptures normally in the main area were now placed in the more intimate bar area.  A small gallery of Decary's paintings as well as the canvas he was working on was tucked along the glass wall, a table of interesting gifts from Good Vs Evil was placed near that runway and against another wall was a monitor showcasing the work of Jarder Productions. Music this evening was spun by Cheyanna J. V. Kootenhayoo (pre-show through the MIXED segment) and Christopher Mark Steffler of Mercury Management taking over just before Nancy Perrault's show.

Left - Yves Decary working on a live canvas,  Right - Elder Lekeyton who opened the Artifaax show.

First on the runway was the presentation of an edited segment of the MIXED show by Denise Brillon of Artifaax - a Collaboration of Culture through a Remix of Clothing & Music. This show was also an introduction to her new series, a very unique and limited line of dresses and t-shirts that are a canvas for special embroidery and printing.The show was opened by elder Lekeyton who first drummed, then spoke from his heart to the audience and ended with a song.  I personally was very moved. Words have so much power when they are spoken from a place of truth, wisdom and honour.

Next came a beautiful dancer in a bustier embroidered with stylized eagle feathers, a crinolined skirt and masquerade-style mask who captured everyone's imagination as she effortless owned the runway. Then we moved into the runway show itself - a combination of knitwear, bustiers and crinolines styled in Brillon's own unique way. The embroidery and graphics showcased on the garments are all her own original designs and infused with cultural elements. Special thanks to Talysia Ayala, Elisha Williams and Dawn Walsh for hair/make-up and backstage help with style and wardrobe by Karl Harris, Magy Zuleta and Dawn Walsh.

After a short break we were treated to a fashion show by local designer Nancy Perrault. This designer has made a name for herself by stepping out of the box. Past shows I have been privileged to be at have offered daring looks that would surely be a hit with the Club Scene and Rock-N-Roll crowd. I still remember one painted vinyl skirt she created for a previous show. The models were body painted, then rolled on the vinyl to transfer the paint before the skirt was created. Truly unique.

Perrault showcased a different side this evening by focusing specifically on her couture evening wear. Lots of sequins, glossy fabric and cut out backs.  Lengths were from very short to brushing the floor. Colours included white, silver gray, 2 pastels, gold, red, blue and black. One really interesting fabric offering was a stretchy, black leather-look with cut-outs that gave it a textural 3-D effect. I think the look that probably got the most reaction was a silver gray number trimmed with a great fringed scarf. When the model turned, the completely bare back received a lot of oohs and aahs.

Sponsors are all important to every event, so I hope you will support those who made this evening possible - Modern Working Women, Bella Garnet Beauty Salon, The Waterfall Building, Nucerity by Sarah Roy, Numa Models, Luxe Beauty Lounge & Spa, Jarder Productions. Earth Essence Jewelery, Street Cat Designs and Angels and Devils (Mithra Sawyer).

All images by Jarder, except lower right photo of dancer in Artifaax show.

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