Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 14, Day 5 - Kamila Gawronska, Lilla Csefalvay, Hong Kiyoung, Kaye Morales and Candids

Runway images by Peter Jensen Photography
All other images as credited (Kuna Photography)

Kaye Morales Final Looks
Image by Peter Jensen Photography
The final day of any fashion week is always bittersweet. Media and photographers that have been there for most of the shows are utterly exhausted and brain dead - I was no exception. I found myself mixing up names and bouncing off of others as I navigated the crowded runway between shows. This morning trying to write up four shows is a very slow process indeed. At the same time, the party is over. This season showcased tons of new designers from around that world that brought unique ideas to the table. I am inspired!

There are so many designers I did not have time to cover this week that deserved my attention. Others are promising - still growing and changing. I have my eye on a few that I am sure will be featured here in the future as they emerge with a clear vision. To all the new connections I met, it was a pleasure and I look forward to staying in touch. To all the wonderful local fashion family I have the privilege of knowing, what a blessing to spend time with you again.

I will be covering two designers in separate articles in the coming weeks - Ha Sang Beg who I have had the privilege of writing on for four seasons now.  It's time. Then there is Angela Huang - a design student at Kwantlen - who rocked the runway with an all-white collection. Be sure and check back for this additional articles as well as hopefully more candids as they become available.

Kamila Gawronska -

Award winning fashion and costume designer/photographer Kamila Gowronska hails from Poland where her collection is also produced. Her resume includes a degree from the Art Department at the Zielona Gora University, a Master of Arts finals on Fashion Photography and studies at the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw. She opened the evening with a show that literally blew the audience away. I have 10 images here, but could have easily have posted every single look from her collection. Each garment was visually striking with unique details provided by a combination of silhouette, intricate detailing and/or fabric texture - the technical construction impressive. It is impossible to mention a favourite look as there were just so many. The size of the images above don't offer a close enough look to truly appreciate the fabric work in the black jumpsuit and green dress (both center in the images above). The voluminous skirt in the bottom left image was created with outward facing soft fabric that floated as the model walked. Then there was the beautiful neckline in the coat bottom right. A backless pink dress not featured here also caught my eye. Well, to be honest, almost every look did. I did try to get close to talk with the designer directly after the show to get more information about this collection, but she was surrounded by a sea of ardent admirers hoping to get that quote or picture. Hopefully she will return next season and I can book a pre-show interview

Lilla Cséfalvay - 

Images by Peter Jensen Photography
Budapest designer Lilla Cséfalvay - according to her Facebook page currently a style advisor for Robert Niklas - had the challenge of following a strong opening show and did it beautifully with a truly unique, conceptual set of garments. What we saw this evening was her MA collection created at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.There were only 5 looks, but they were all that was needed. Her ability to work textiles into pieces of art is exceptional. There is no way to truly describe these garments or their impact on the runway, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves. All I can say is I'm a huge fan and will be watching her career. 

Images by Peter Jensen Photography
This quote from the Province's interview with Mark Abbott lays out the thought that went into the collection's creation, "Lilla’s inspiration draws from various shape-conscious art periods. Her last collection took elements from the Bauhaus movement, the highly influential modernist school of art, design and architecture founded by German architect Walter Gropius in 1919. She focused attention on Bauhaus style director and photographer Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s monochromatic visuals to create her own aesthetic...According to Lilla, in order to get the look she desired she created structures and surfaces by sewing fabric bands tightly next to each other. If the point of Gropius’ movement was to re-imagine the material world to reflect the unity of all the arts, then Lilla’s awe-inspiring dresses are as close to Gropius’ vision as is possible." The article is a great read if you want to know more about this talented artist. Also be sure and check out Cséfalvay's Indigogo campaign - Aurora Borealis.

Images by Peter Jensen Photography

 I always rue when I cannot find more information on a designer, but hopefully Hong Kiyoung will see this and send me a press release.  This young designer from South Korea offered us a great range on the runway - male and female, graphic t-shirts to full looks. The more upscale looks were definitely my favourite. With a palette anchored by black, there were still great pops of colour such as the red suit jacket above.  Zippers were also a great detail used throughout.  You can see one example in the black shorts centre above. From his website, "He found his principle on 'Minimalistic Exaggeration', and is trying to disseminate it to other designers. Strongly inspired by contemporary arts that portrayed by new artists who are trying to change, he presents luxury sportwear and classic apparel with his own wit...The new definition of men's beauty is rising up...." Hoping that I will be able to add more to this write-up soon.
Kaye Morales

When the first model hit the runway, it quickly became apparent we were going to see something totally about of the box for our last show this season. Philippine designer Kaye Morales brought it! Trained at SOFA - and currently furthering her studies at central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London - this artist also has a background in production design and interior design. The brand offers both a pre-a-porter line called Schizo as well as a made or order line under the designer's name. I love the description offered in her online bio, "...a style that intertwines opposing designs with utmost taste - urban street wear with class, punk with sophistication and elegance with a wild streak."  Amen! It comes as no surprise that she has celebrities knocking at her door. On the runway was an extensive line of women's and men's wear looks not for the faint of heart. These were young, statement making looks to be worn by those wanting a bold look. A combination of edgy styling and wild, wonderful headpieces by Tony Evan and awesome footwear courtesy of Ron Ramiro of Monster Shoes created just the right emotional note. By the time the final couple hit the runway - opening image at the top of the page - she had the full attention of everyone in the audience. Kudos for ending the week on such a great note. The designer offered a special thanks to.

Candids by Kuna Photography -