Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 14 Day 2 - Lasalle College

Jesper Annerstedt - Sonya Jang - Yicheng Chen - Rachel Liu
Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of fashion design students. They bring the new ideas to the table that will become the future of fashion. Since I began writing 10 years ago, I continue to look for ways to give support to these students through encouragement, mentoring and press time. Just this week I wore a necklace from a student I interviewed right after graduation and will be wearing a blouse from another.

Today I wanted to acknowledge the shows by 4 students from LaSalle Vancouver.  LaSalle is private Canadian based college with over 20 schools world-wide.  It is known for technical and pre-university courses, with fashion design one of their programs that has gained recognition for the success of their graduates.  LaSalle Vancouver has brought students to show at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for quite a few seasons now and it's always a packed house for this show.
(The write-ups below and headshots at the top are provided by the students and featured on the college website.)

Jesper Annerstedt

Image by Peter Jensen
Jesper Annerstedt found his inspiration in the northern parts of Sweden, more specifically, the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. A combination of the structural aspects and the cold textures, Jesper came up with a futuristic, minimalistic collection with a muted colour pallet and graphic prints.

Sonya Jang

Image by Peter Jensen
Sonya Jang found her inspiration primarily from container homes and classical paintings. She admires the work of local designer Joanna Staniszkis (for her beautiful and organic textile dying) and Australia’s Toni Maticevski (for his masterful blending of tailored and draped garments).

Yicheng Chen

Image by Peter Jensen

Yicheng Chen views fashion as art which is why he choose to find his inspiration in the architectural works of Frank Gehry, most importantly the Disney Concert Hall. Gehry feels that “buildings are powerful essays in geometrical form that can sometimes exude a sense of sweetness”. Yicheng wanted to capture the essence of that one phrase and create a statement of vision.

Rachel Liu
Image by Peter Jensen
Rachel Liu`s designs are an apparent reflection of the famous modern architect Santiago Calatrava. She wanted to show how Santiago’s work mimics the shapes and motions of organic entities that at times, suggest flight or spiritual uplift.

For more information on the fashion design program at LaSalle Vancouver go to