Elevate and Celebrate at Hycroft Manor!

Images by Norm Lee

Image by Norm Lee
To be honest, I had not originally intended to do a review of this event as I had already featured a pre-interview with organizer Kerry Gibson.  BUT...........the event really did have that hedonistic party feel that everyone in attendance embraced to the fullest.  It proved impossible to not share at least a few notes and some photos. We all know the early bird gets the worm - so as Norm Lee was the first to throw some pics up, currently those are showing.  But I will hopefully be adding more as other photographers post, so be sure and check back. Keeping the writing to a minimum this time.

Elevate and Celebrate is the first of 3 fundraisers planned to fund the renovation of Hycroft Manor so that it fully wheelchair accessible. This has been in the works for awhile, but grants are few and hard to come by, so Gibson who is in a wheelchair herself stepped in to make it happen.  You can read her personal story at Elevate and Celebrate Life. If you missed this event, you can still be a part by donating to this worthy cause and/or you can attend one of the next 2 events planned - a June 22 Imperial Indian themed gala and a September 28th Gatsby-styled afternoon dance party. Contact Gibson for information on donating or the upcoming events through her FB page HERE.

So let's explore via images what this great celebration in support of wheelchair accessibility held!

1.  Great music courtesy by The Carnival Band, opera singer extraordinaire Suzann Kingston 
 and Bad Bad Monkey (special compilation band assembled for the event, headed by Rees Haynes
Blake Havard.

Images by Norm Lee

2. Live painting demonstrations by Drew Ferneyhough of Andrew Ferneyhough - Bedowynn Designs, Hajni Yosifov, Yves Decary of Yves Rene decary painting and Natalia Krioutchkova with an auction at the end of the day.

 3. Wonderful food courtesy of Helen Siwak - Vit Vit Vegan, Cookies of CourseBalraj Sivia of Silk Dinner Lounge, Joel Ochsendorf of Oxtale and Susan Lewandoski of the Gramercy Grill. And drinks courtesy of Original 16 beer and wine served by Paul Jordan representing Rustico Winery in Oliver, BC. More images coming shortly!!!!

Left Images by Norm Lee - Centre Image by Randi Winter, Passionate Travel,
Right image by Ed Ng and 1 more to come!

4. A wonderful silent auction with so many donations, it's impossible to list them all and a shopping boutique in a side room.

Left image by Ed Ng - Right Image by Xelha Photography

5. Energetic dance performed by 2 beautiful women from Samba Fusion and a by-donation kissing booth manned by Brent Fraser and Casar Jacobson, Miss Canada 2013.

Image on left by Ed Ng, Image on right by Norm Lee

6. A wonderful fashion show featuring designers Magdalena Lima, Crow and Gate and Maryam Fashions.

                    Magdalena Lima Fashions - Images by Norm Lee

Major kudos go to Style by Dona for her incredible work both producing the show and styling the looks, and the amazing models who got into the party spirit and gave the audience a true party experience - Karen Kobel, Jihan Amer, Kristina Gorbatkova, Charlotte Doering, Chantal Benz, Brittnie Rae, Nina Tooley, Shannen Elizabeth, Carla Lagneau, Celia Saunier, Shanna Amaral, Stephanie Eely, Tereza Anne, Kelsey Vicars, Tanya LeHoux, Dr. Corina Mod, Celia Patrick and Corinne Kennedy.

        Crow and Gate Clothing by Tassie Vicars -Image by Norm Lee

Makeup and hair courtesy of Volume Studio, Shear Bliss and independents Monique Schwartz, Pearl Doyle, Rosanne Harder-Braniski, Francesca Cervellin, Nadika Nowak, Neet Aujla and Bailee King-Sakins.
Maryam Fashion by Maryam Asgari - Images by Norm Lee

Accessories seen on the runway include: unique eye frames from Sue Randhawa at The Optical Boutique; jewellery by Laurie Simpkins of Smitten Designs, Sayuri Sophie Hosoi of Sayuri Wellgroomed Designs and Luis Geraldo of Light of Luis; and vintage shoes courtesy of Kitsilano's Kitty's Closet.

The Optical Boutique Eyewear - Images by Norm Lee

Shoes from Kitsilano Kitty's Closet - Images by Ed Ng

7. And people partying!!!! Here are just a few candids. I hope to add a lot more to soon. 

Photo in this collage from Ed Ng Photography

Photos in this collage from Norm Lee.
Images by Norm Lee