Letting Go

by Guest Writer Christa Leigh Meister

“We need to let go of the brick walls that form a prison around our mind.”

This is something I read recently which led me to write this article, as it’s something that seems to be coming up a lot lately in my everyday conversations. People appear to be so afraid of letting go due to fearing the loss of a future they don't even know exists, nor can be seen from where they're standing.

Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint, emancipating yourself from burdens opens up possibilities that are better serving to your life. Holding on to the past and regrets prevents us from recognizing and capturing the golden opportunities that present themselves to us everyday. Your past does not predict your future, nor should it control your present moments. When we fail to clear away the chains holding us back from the magic that is meant to unfold, we are keeping true happiness, love and purpose at bay. Identifying the things that are holding you back from letting go will allow you to really see the possibilities that lay before you. You’ll find you will start attracting the right people, opportunities and situations conducive to living a fuller life and personally transforming.

Freedom is about acknowledging our shortcomings, accepting ourselves in spite of them and focusing on that which brings us peace. Don't ever forget that you deserve to be happy, and that comes from loving yourself first. Embrace the unknown and step confidently into that place without fear. Don’t dwell in guilt and make sure to do things that feel good. How we evolve and bloom is about how healthy our insides are…cut out any cancers that are bringing toxic energy into your life: thoughts, people, situations. Don’t tolerate these things; they only breed insecurities.

Remember: always be moving forward - never back. Feed your soul with people and experiences that energize and esteem you and be sure to surround yourself with love, laughter, support and positive energy. Make the time to spend quality time with family and friends, but be sure to also spend time alone. Reflection and meditation are important pieces of the freedom puzzle.

Letting go is about releasing yourself from the metaphorical ties that keep you from moving forward. The only thing never let go of are your dreams, for they are that which helps move us closer to our divine purpose.

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Christa Leigh Meister is an advocate for health, wellness and personal development while continuously pushing herself towards constant evolution. She is an Academic Instructor with Lasalle College International, her freelance projects have included Co Publishing the 2012 CRAVE Vancouver Guide, and re-branding the Langara Holistic Image Consulting Program, she currently has multiple writing projects in development! Christa believes in building solid long-term partnerships that effectively enrich the lives of those involved and the way to her heart is coffee, cookies and clothing!