Christina Waschko - On a Quest for the Perfect Dress!

Guest post by Christina Waschko: Take Action Consultant and Presenter of Motherpreneur TV.

On a quest to experience as many small and big adventures in life as possible - and to find the perfect dress - I have always been intrigued by fashionistas! Look at those well-put together outfits! How in heaven’s name do they do this? 

Everything a fashionista puts on looks so effortless! They can mix’n match different styles, patterns and designs - and still look stylish! They know what they want to throw on and most importantly, if it's not in their own wardrobe, they for sure know where to get it from! They have their designer peeps, their favourite stores, perhaps even their personal shopping assistant!

How do fashionistas do this?
Well, let me tell you how the other half lives; for example, the adventure seeking motherpreneurs of the world! We have a wardrobe full of… let’s call them basics! Denims, shirts and more denims. A few cardi's (short for cardigans), skirts, boots and sneakers! Going through the daily shower-shave-make-up routine is one thing – it’s a necessary evil (and I am low maintenance!). Adding the agonizing, time consuming quest to shop for the perfect dress is sheer torture!

Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the fruitless outcome of wandering through the mall, walking in and out of shops, trying on countless items and still coming home empty handed. Do you have any idea what I am talking about? You have the vision in your head, you have the money - and still can't find what you came for. If you happen to be a fashionista, then of course you can’t relate. You know where to get your desired items from.

I've done the mall walk many times over and decided it was time for something more drastic, a bit more adventurous! It was time to seek out treasures at my local Value Village in Maple Ridge. At least their dresses won't shrink or fade anymore! And, if Lady Luck is on my side, I might even score more than what I was hunting for!

At my age (younger than Madonna, older than Nicole Kidman), I prefer to shop for something that suits me rather than what’s in fashion. My body type (taller but less trim and muscular than Madonna, more toned than Nicole) calls for a dress that ends above the knee. If you have short legs like I do, anything below the knee makes them look even shorter.

I love sleeveless outfits - then I notice my upper arms are more flabby than ‘normal’. Decision made, no sleeveless for me today! Something low cut is pretty too- but only if you can actually pull off a cleavage! Darn, I don’t fit this requirement either! And again, this one is off the list.

I like a slim cut, not a tight fit! The difference between figure hugging and tight is choosing between looking like a pro or a sausage! What about colours or patterns?  This is another, all too serious matter altogether. As a matter of fact I know green, brown or lilac doesn't suit me. Vertical stripes make us all look fat - even you my dear fashionistas!  

One of my favourite colours is blue. The problem is, I own way too many shades of blue already! And for this reason, and a few other ones, I left this one behind too.

How difficult is it to find a dress? A simple dress is all I am asking for! One that  covers the ‘chicken fillets’(aka my hidden biceps), comes down to above my knees, features a round neck and fits like a second skin, but not too tight! 

Well Christina, it’s time to suck it up and face the truth, this kind of dress doesn’t exist. If Value Village can’t deliver, who can?  Dress-frustration is one agony I can live without! And this is the reason you see me in cardis, denims and sneakers!

However, feel free to enlighten me with your perfect solution: Where can I get the ‘perfect’ dress from? Come on now, spill your best kept secrets….I won’t tell! 

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