Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 16 Sunday - Andrea Ayala, Eria Lamarque, Jon Mikeo and 7Crash

Image by John Gurcharan Nijjar
Sunday was the final day at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) and it offered the perfect end to seven days of fashion overload. What I always love about fashion is that no one really agrees on the shows, or the looks within a show. When I first began covering the local fashion scene I found it very intimidating to know others had different reactions, but eventually I began to embrace those differences as normal.

We each bring our own individuality to the table and our clothing should reflect that alone without apology. If I could say anything it would be - decide what relationship you want with your clothing and dare to be different. If anyone gives you difficulty, say I gave you permission. Variety is the spice of life. Only the traditional fashion industry wants us to look like clones. Young designers have figured this out and are pushing the envelope.

Images by Sam Stringer
Seats were full from the opening show until the final model left the runway. Photo taking with friends old and new hit a new high today as it was everyone's final chance to catch one last memory. Emcee Tammy-Lynn McNabb conducted a few new, interesting audience interviews and then started handing out gifts. EVERYONE wanted one! When the evening was done, there were lots of hugs as we said good-bye. My final look was a knee-length bright red and black silk tunic, bangle bracelets and necklace - all by Shravan Kumar.  The leather-look leggings were from JAC. The crazy thing was many of us chose to wear red. Fun!

Now on to my highlights. Local designers Ivido, Alex S. Yu, Evan Clayton and Sara Armstrong are featured in my Buy Local article HERE.

Andrea Ayala

Images by Ed Ng Photography

Andrea Ayala is a self-taught designer from El Salvador and this was her very first international runway show. Her S/S 16 collection was created in collaboration with artist Roberto Rivera - also from El Salvador. When asked about inspiration, Ayala shared, "First I used his painting as an inspiration and together we worked on the "Cobalt" concept, fashioning it into fun, colorful and feminine fabrics; keeping a refined, versatile and elegant silhouette.

Images by Ed Ng Photography
This collection is a perfect bond between fashion and art, a reminder to the self to look and feel like art." The palette was a vivid mix of white, pink, yellow, red, cyan blue and black. Fabrics included elegant lace, delicate organza, peau de soie and soft cotton. The look was refined, classy and colourful. Congrats to the designer on her upcoming exhibition in New York city on October 29th as well as her next runway show on November 6th at the Mercedes Fashion Days in El Salvador.

Eria Lamarque

Images by Ed Ng Photography

Mexican designer Eria Lamarque has loved fashion from childhood.  Only 22 years old, she has completed a degree in Design and Fashion Management and participated in several large fashion shows - International Fashion Contest CREARE and Mexican Fashion Week. The designer launched her brand in 2014. Playing with structural patterns, strong silhouettes, handmade work, juxtapositions and above all, the essence and personality of her client is reflected in each piece. From her bio - "Eria Lamarque is an alternative fashion brand with a dramatic, avant garde and feminine spirit. Each piece has a story and a concept behind that makes it special."

The palette of white, pink and yellow showed off the designs well. It was a very feminine line with a strong selection of separates to mix and match. The pictures really don't show how effective the large hole sequins lace was in adding strong interest to the garments. It provided the most striking note and yet did not overpower the garments.

Jon Mikeo

Images by Ed Ng Photography

Jon Mikeo packed his bags at the age of 18 and headed off to Barcelona to study fashion design at FDMODA – LCI. During his time as a student he was a finalist in several design competitions and was worked an internship at Santa Eulalia - the best tailor in the city. Post graduation, he received a scholarship to study women's wear at the London College of Fashion and worked internships at Agi and Samand Panos Yiapanis. In 2014, he presented his sophisticated, avant-garde grad collection - DIECINUEVE SEGUNDOS (Nineteen Seconds). His work was shown and awarded by Hempel’s international competition for young designers during China Fashion Week. He was a chosen as Best Talent during Barcelona 080 Fashion Week and as a finalist for Mittelmoda Fashion Competition in Italy.

Images by Ed Ng Photography

Mikeo anchored this collection with a palatte neutrals. Deep orange and a few well-chosen prints added welcome notes of surprise here and there throughout the show. Shapes were kept very understated to let the beautiful fabrics and strong design work stand out. Fabrics ranged from matte finish to light-catching, from solid woven to sheer and from smooth to textured velvet. For the most part, the fit was relaxed and comfortable. Kudos to the designer on a great show.

Images by Ed Ng Photography

Emerging fashion designer, Enchi Shen is known for her debut in 2011 “Taipei in Style” autumn/winter fashion parade. “7crash”—her own designer brand was established in the same year. Graduating from NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano) Enchi strives for perfection and wishes to create fashion that specifically compliments Asian figures with distinguishable cultural essences.
Images by Ed Ng Photography

“Crash” aims to enlighten people’s imagination and unbind the existing framework. Enchi’s design reflects this belief. 7Crash also believes in fine quality and uniqueness. Enchi offered us a very large collection featuring intriguing prints in several colour palettes.  They were all very wearable, and yet had that extra something that drew your eye. There were several pieces in this collection that I would love to put in my closet.  I particularly liked the menswear that walked that fine line between classic and edgy.  Because of the sheer number of looks in both mens and womens, I decided to showcase more images.  My personal favourite, the black/white jacket, pants and crop top in the top photo strip on the left.
Images by Ed Ng Photography