PowHERhouse Vancouver Speaker Series January 2016

I was honoured to attend the January 2016 Powerhouse Speaker series at The Imperial in Vancouver as a guest of my long-time friend, speaker, motivator, personal trainer and more - Steely Springham. We worked together back when I was involved running a local magazine and she stepped in as volunteer to run our first ever magazine launch. Shortly thereafter she decided to follow a long-held passion that has taken her on an incredible journey.

I am so proud of all she has and will be accomplishing and couldn't wait to hear her speak this day. BUT - there were another 17 speakers to enjoy as well and each brought a nugget of gold to inspire us. 18 speakers - nine minutes each - just long enough to be able to fully share a focused bit of wisdom. Sitting for almost four hours with only one break should have been challenging, but the variety of subjects and speaking styles kept it lively. From the opening dance performance and talk by Laura Grizzlypaws to the final hurrahs the event was a hands-down success. We all left inspired.

Near the start I decided to try and capture a thought from each speaker. Scribbling as fast as I could while listening, I know I didn't get this down word for word, but hopefully the essence rings true. I didn't think of this until after Laura Grizzlypaws danced, sang and gave the opening remarks and founder Charlene SanJenko spoke, so have offered something different for them.

I hope these brief re-caps inspire you. Then be sure and check out the PowerHERhouse website for more information, how to be a part and the location/date of upcoming speaker series. There is also a free digital magazine with inspiring articles you can access. Enjoy!

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Laura Grizzlypaws - @lgrizzlypaws Cultural Ambassador, Educator, Performer - (From the About section of her Youtube Channel)
Cultural values are rights that I believe are honoured through our own self-determination. Breaking the cultural stress of oppression means living through our cultural values. Culture is not in the past, it is now, it is not stagnant, it is alive, it is not in the museum, it is vibrant, and full of stories and knowledge systems. My mission is to advocate for the rights of Indigenous peoples in their self-determining cultural expressions for cultural and even political survival. We all have our own songs and dances and principle values there is an urgent need to uplift traditions to revitalize the sacred. The Grizzly Bear dance is not just for show, it is about honouring our ancestors. (Great video HERE)
Founder Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko - PowHERhouse founder, Builder of Strong Women - (From her bio on the PowHerHouse website)
At my core, I am a woman who believes the stronger we feel in our bodies, the more positive and powerful we are in our lives. In fact, I believe one of the greatest factors holding women back both personally and professionally is a lack of integration between lifestyle management and leadership development.

Tanis Frame – Play Evangelist - Decide to Thrive: Play by a different set of rules.
What have you decided you don't do? What have you stopped doing that gave you joy. Get curious, decide to try. Quote she shared - I think from Steven Pressfield, "The more important a call or action is to our soul's evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it."

Gina Best – Award-Winning Mortgage Broker, Coach and Speaker - There’s More To Life Than ‘Busy’
Where do you fall on your own priority list? What is the cost of all you do for others? No one is going to put you on a priority list if you don't.  What you're missing in life is YOU. Don't bury difficult feelings - if you bury one you bury them all. Then you begin to lose the colour of life and things fade into black and white.

Victoria Maxwell – Mental Health Speaker & Bipolar Princess, CEO of Crazy for Life Co. - The Crazy Naked Truth.
It took 5 psychotic episodes, 3 hospitals and 5 years to lead me to acceptance. What brought me through was the compassion of those around me. They held the vision for me until I could, but in the end I had to walk through the door. You can change a person's perception of what's possible in an instant with respect and support.

Kare Jacoba – Entrepreneur & Business Owner, LeadQuest Inc., - Never Justify Reasonable Behavior
Always be authentic. Don't be a lemming - be aware of your surroundings and what is right for you. If it makes another uncomfortable, don't try to justify behavior that is reasonable and right for you. It's in the attempt to justify our reasonable behavior that we are reduced and the other is elevated.

Steely Springham – Inspirational Conversationlist & Confidence Coach - Do You See What I See?

Envision a glass filled to the half-way mark. Do you see it as half empty or half full? You can turn things around by looking at it another way.  I see it as having room for possibilities. Keep pouring. You don't have to stop. "My cup runneth over."  Or better yet - fuck the cup. Just get rid of it and keep pouring. Do you see what I see?

Maggi Woo – Photographer, Women’s Portraiture - The Importance of Being Seen

Why is it we seem to believe we are not good enough to exist in a photo. When I ask what clients want, they tell me everything they dislike - their flaws - and are comfortable in this negative space. The photograph to me is proof that magic exists.  My job is to find not only the light on my client's face, but the light that shines out - their inner beauty. A photo is an invitation to fall in love with yourself.

Angela Thurston – Erotic By Nature (sensual aliveness) - Erotic by Nature
It is important to remember we are not alone, we are not our story, we have a choice. Our reproductive organs are organs of mass creation and creativity. Sexual energy is our life force and feeds every single aspect  of our life.

Sherry Strong – Food Philosopher - Hungry for Love, Thirsty for Meaning - a food philosopher's guide to a sustainable life.
An addiction is the ultimate act of avoidance. Food has become a national drug of choice. It's as just as addictive as cocaine.  Diets don't work because they are all about deficits. What good for the planet is good for the body when it comes to food.  And it's important to not only eat well, but to enjoy great conversations around the table as you eat.

Christina Benty – Former Politician, Municipal Government Advisor, Great Leaders Lead Their Own Lives First! - Soul Leadership: Leading from your soul instead of your role.
Bring your whole self when you interact with someone, see them soul to soul, as we all desperately want to be seen. Try not to prejudge based on their appearance or who you think they might be - look close, give them your undivided attention and treat everyone you meet with the same respect. Be curious, be invested in each conversation.

Jan Jensen - TLC - A Short Lesson from the U-Knee-Verse
Stress causes cortisol levels to rise and then they do nothing in the body works right. Believe in what you know  rather than in small body sensations. Even small changes can help move you along the way to marvelous.

Jacqueline Way365give Founder (social change agent) - We Could Be Heroes
365give started when my son was three. we decided to change the world by doing one thing every day, it could be as small as just picking up some garbage. When I became too busy, the door opened to develop and launch this as a program in schools, with the number involved growing every day. The program is teaching these students to give back each and every day.  Stand with me and together we CAN change the world.

Loretta Cella – Leaders for Humanity (social change agent) - Effective Leadership for the Sake of Humanity
We have all had the experience where we finally had a dream and were sunk by icebergs - so many icebergs. Icebergs are the negative responses of friends, family and colleagues. We all want our ideas heard. Leaders for Humanity strives to support new leaders world wide and when it comes to leadership, there is only one definition - SERVICE, first to yourself and then to others.

Jo Dibblee – Author, Speaker & Event Producer, A Frock-alicious Life - Powerful and Unstoppable
Mark Twain, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Stand up and take your place. Decide to live your life. Your life has a purpose and you matter. Embrace your purpose and have the courage to stand up and take inspired action.

Heather White – Life Designer. Business Adviser. Speaker. – Authentically You in Business: Because booming growth should be blissful.
Authenticity is the ticket to freedom and fulfillment. Are you brave enough to bring your soul to the surface of your life - both your personal and your business life? Authenticity is not a business strategy, it is a necessity.  Be You. Be Brave. Be of Service. Trust in Divine Compensation.

Rosemarie Barnes – Confident Stages, Presentation & Vocal Coach, Inspirational Speaker – Reinvention: Grace Thoughout the Ages and Stages of Life and Business
How many hats did you come in wearing. You are not the same person you were when you are five. You've reinvented yourself over and over. Change will happen and it won't always be easy. What ever you believe, boil it down to the soul level. Create diamonds.  In the end, we don't reinvent, we restate.

Christina Stewart – Building Strong Teams Conflict is Opportunity
We tend to avoid and accommodate those we are in conflict with to keep our relationships safe and comfortable. In the end that never works.  What if you look at conflict as not bad, but an opportunity. Step into it, see the potential for collaboration and use it to learn from the other side. Don't look at what you have to give up, instead look at what you have to gain.

Aileen McManamon5T Sports, Business + Branding Strategist – The 6th Element
In sports, not everyone who is talented ends up excelling. When building a successful team, it is important to not just look at the talent of individual players, but to look at the chemistry of the team as a whole. Other important elements are passion and a willingness to buck the conventional. 

Jamie Munro – Videographer, Impactful Storyteller – What I've Learned About Business from Behind the Lens of My Video Camera
1. Gold comes from those moments of imperfection.  The need to be perfect is not sustainable. Instead of regret or pressure - celebrate what you learn from these moments.
2. Be passionate.
3. "Film is truth 24 times a second" - French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard. Film is able to capture the subtle details that are lost.
4. Every day stop and ask - What do I want out of life?

Angie Barnard Business Aggregator, Brand-Builder, Place-Maker, Mastering Your ASK! - Sir, can I get you another beer?
The innovative skit Angie Barnard offered is a bit hard to recap but in it she shared her passion, purpose and vision to engage local and global champions to create entrepreneurial hubs and thriving communities. Her company - The Network Hub - offers Entrepreneurs, freelancers and contractors needing space (work, event, meetings) to come together. It's a gathering place of creative minds.  

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