What It Actually Takes!

An article inspired by a poster with a quote? Absolutely. This is a subject I've written on before, but it is worth repeating.

The image in this photo really takes me back. I used to sew dance costumes and the classes of lovely young ballet ladies I sewed for over several years would excitedly share with me when they were finally going to start training to dance on pointe. I would smile and keep my mouth shut as I didn't want to spoil their enthusiasm, but knew what that meant. I worked with the older girls and had seen their damaged feet and heard them talk about the challenges. 

Weeks after these same young women started their new class, I would walk into the dressing room to hear an entirely different conversation. Their feet had blisters, some had broken and were bleeding. The smiles were gone.  The reality of what this dream required had hit home. It was so hard to connect the beautiful vision of a professional dancing gracefully on pointe with what they were going through.

But, and this is an important BUT, I don't remember seeing one of these young artists ever quit. They had their eyes on the prize - an illusive one that only a very small number would actually reach - and continued to train despite the tough demands on their bodies and the lack of a guaranteed spot in a professional company in the future. They had a mental toughness and strength of will that would put many adults to shame.

Any goal worth achieving demands many things from us including usually great sacrifice. The lovely vision of yourself at the end line helps to keep you focused, but along the way be prepared for lumps, bumps, bruises, tears and doubt.  

So before you embrace a new journey, ask yourself the question, "Do I love it enough to make it my work?" Turning your passion into a job changes things immeasurably and you need to be prepared for the demands ahead.

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Excerpt - Do You Love it Enough To Make It Your Work?

"Do you love it enough to make it your work?" The pursuit leaves the realm of
fun and enjoyable experienced when it is only a sideline behind. Pressures come to
bear such a earning power. Sometimes the work of running your business takes up to
90% of your time and only 10% is left for the creative side. 

You have to have something to love about choosing to turn whatever it is from hobby
or idea into a business. That something has to carry you through the hard work, stress
and pressure. For me that is the interview. Amen!" - article HERE