Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 16 - LaSalle College

Runway images by Harry Leornard Imagery - others as marked.

From Press Release

As everyone knows - I adore student fashion shows. These students showcase ideas of where fashion might go in the future and bring fresh ideas to the table.  Lasalle College has partnered with Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for many years now and their shows are always a hit.

Each season students are given a theme and challenged to create an seven look, polished runway collection. The theme this year was Rhythm - "The feeling of organized movement."  Based on the theme, it was no surprise to see their runway show accompanied by musical performances from students of the Sarah McLachlan School of Music (SOM). A different music video accompanied each runway show and singer LiSophie Elder-Labrie offered her vocals with as well.

“This season, we are very excited to partner with SOM. Our student designers have 
been paired with a musician who will be performing a musical piece to accompany 
their garments down the runway along with live vocal performance by 
Sophie Elder-Labrie, also a student at SOM. This has been a great experience for 
our student designers as well as an enriching opportunity for the students of the 
Sarah McLachlan School of Music whom for the most part have never performed at a 
fashion event.’’ says Diego Do Livramento, Director of LaSalle College Vancouver.

Shot on my small camera
"Our students are very excited to participate in this year's Fashion Week. Having 
the chance to collaborate and create music for the designers at LaSalle College 
Vancouver is such a great opportunity, and one, they will definitely remember." 
mentions Sarah McLachlan.

The show this year was produced by internationally acclaimed fashion stylist Tracey Pincott. Professional fashion models from Lizbell Agency walked the runway - showcasing each look to their best advantage. Nimbus School of Recording and Media was also a part -  incorporating the mixing of the music for the show in their engineering class as well as helping guide the students of SOM throughout the entire process.

Amy Herndon -

Collection Inspiration: Inspired by the smooth rhythm of R&B and the austerity of the lone wolf, my collection explores the identity of a person. My muse is an independent individual who knows their strengths but does not yet understand the path they must take to fully develop their identity. Through the use of cocoon silhouettes and semi-circle shapes, my design represents that the journey is not always straight forward. Within the textures of the collection, I explore the juxtaposition between hard and soft, much like that of an individual’s personality, showing both extroverted and introverted qualities.

Short Bio: I started sewing from a young age and began to design costumes for theatre in high school. After becoming a national medalist in Skills Canada 2013 I decided to move to Vancouver and pursue a career in fashion design.

Musician: Dj Naveya - Dj Naveya is almost 10 years old and is currently a student of the Junior Sound Lab class at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music. Her favourite musicians include Taylor Swift and Lauren Hill. In her spare time she loves to dance, reading, and anything to do with art. When she grows up she would like to be famous and travel the world. She doesn't know how yet.

Fang Fang

Collection Inspiration: My collection was inspired by the bright colors and geometric patterns depicted in the paintings of Kandinsky.

Short Bio: As a young girl, I always had a fascination for beautiful clothing. My mother had her own shop and sold clothing for a living. I  feel that clothing help people feel good about themselves. As much as I always had a passion for fashion, I was forced to attend university and get my MBA in
China. I worked in international trade as a product manager for a few years, but then realized that I finally needed to do something for myself hence my registration to study fashion design at LaSalle College Vancouver.

Musician: 70 (Seven T) - Seven has been a student of SoM for 3 years. He has participated in many disciplines, such as percussion, youth choir, vocal ensemble and band ensemble. Seven is in inspired by the likes of Ray Charles, Michael Jacksons, Marvin Gay and Stevie Wonder. He plans on pursuing a life of music.

Alison Njoo

Collection Inspiration: Drawing elements from traditional Indonesian dances, the collection presents modern silhouettes with an East Asian twist. 

Short Bio: Alison is a transfer student from LaSalle College in Jakarta and a UBC alumna. Her interests include fashion, costuming, performing arts, literature, and biology.

Musician: ColeA.- Cole is currently taking Creative Intensive Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, Youth Choir, and Band Ensemble. In his spare time Cole likes to play basketball and write original songs and perform with his church band. Ben Howard, Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon and Le Crae are some of his musical inspirations. Upon graduating high-school Cole plans on pursuing Bible College and music in some form.

Okunade Sanda “Q”

Collection Inspiration: This collection is inspired by Japanese Shibari, a form of rope bondage, and urban streetwear. My use of a relaxed silhouette, elongated sleeves and distressed embellishments add a dose of grunge to the eye catching collection.

Short Bio: From Brampton Ontario where I worked as a creative director for a small streetwear brand, I moved to Vancouver to study Fashion Design at LaSalle College and hope to head to L.A. after graduation.

Musician: Michelle A Has been attending the Sarah McLachlan School of Music since 2009. Over the years, she has participated in Piano, Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Creative Intensive Training and Band Ensemble. Her musical inspirations include Birdy and Lake Street Dive. She is currently completing her RCM exams. In her spare time, she likes to compose music and compete in a high performance soccer league.

Jinju Ha 

Collection Inspiration: The collection was inspired by the movie 'Singing in the rain' The sound and movement of the raindrops in the movie and my Korean background inspired the silhouettes and shapes in my collection. I created structured and clean pieces for my collection with the colours Black, White and Blue.

Short Bio: Jinju Ha received a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design from Sejong University (Korea) in 2010. She worked as a children's wear designer for 3 years at GB Style(Korea). She arrived in Canada two years ago from Korea to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer in Vancouver.

Musician: Cyrus J Cyrus has been attending SoM for 2 years and has been a student of Music and Video Production, Guitar, and Band Ensemble. In his spare time, he also plays music in various school band and choirs. His musical inspirations include Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown and Xavier Rudd. Upon graduating high-school he hopes to attend the Nimbus School of Recording Arts followed by completing a Masters in Jazz Music at Concordia University

Live Musical Performance by LiSophie Elder-Labrie

LiSophie Elder-Labrie (19) is an aspiring Actor/Musician.

Her dream is to make a living through her art. She attended the Sarah McLachlan School of Music for 3 years and has been part of the Roundhouse Youth Theatre Action Group (RYTAG) as a writer and
performer for 5 years. This year she acts as a mentor for the younger cast and is composing the musical score for the RYTAG production. She will soon be attending the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts to learn more about the film/television aspects of acting. She would also love to form a band sometime in the near future.His musical inspirations include Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, James Brown and Xavier Rudd. Upon graduating high-school he hopes to attend the Nimbus School of Recording Arts followed by completing a Masters in Jazz Music at Concordia University.