Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 16 - Noe Bernacelli

Images by Ed Ng Photography

One of the most highly anticipated shows at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) this season was Noe Bernacelli's. This is the designer's third time showing on the runway here and every time his collection leaves the audience awestruck. This season was no exception. I have covered every collection and even had an article published on his first show in Raine Magazine (NYC). I'll put the links and tear sheets at the end.

Bernacelli was born in Trujillo, Perú. He embraced art from an early age, even taking a course in nude art at the age of 14. From that moment on he became an admirer of beauty. To this day, his main inspiration each season is the women he celebrates. At 18 he headed off to Milan and later Paris to immerse himself in the world of fashion design. Here he was able to live and breath art as well as learn couture detailing and classic construction.

Seven years ago, the designer returned home to establish his own brand and to help raise the level of the Peruvian fashion industry.  From his bio, "His collections have been well recognized by national and worldwide media, including India, Uganda and Vancouver markets. He has also participated in Paris Prêt-à-porter, Lima Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week and recently, World Fashion Week 2014 in Paris, making a step forward into expanding the Noe Bernacelli brand worldwide."

For those of us in the audience who have been following Bernacelli for years, this season' collection was a surprise.  In previous collections we have seen truly beautiful looks with a more classic silhouette and palette.  These were luxury garments done oh so perfectly, but with that high end understated element. They drew you in subtly, but with a pull you couldn't resist.

Recently, the designer has chosen to take a new direction, and it's getting great reviews.  Garments still offer beautiful couture tailoring and detailing as well as the designer's knack at just the right proportions, but the style statement is less subtle. From the VFW bio, "Rich ivories and burgundies graced the collection with accents of neon green and stark black. Gorgeous fringe details and beaded bodices made statements alone, peeked out from under structured tweed coats and meshed into the designer’s namesake shoes and evening bags."

There was a very noticeable wow factor in this collection and the audience responded enthusiastically. From the designer's press release -

"[Noe Bernacell] now delights us with a collection that offers to his spectators a sense of futurism and African ethnic mysticism...This high end F/W 2016 collection is a new direction that the designer and his designing house are taking. This new direction will continue to have the delicate and elaborated hand work that has characterized his brand but with a more daring feminine spirit. Applications of crochet, lace, feathers, semiprecious stones, silk fringes and leather are the protagonists of this innovative concept. The predominant colors are yellow citron, fuchsia and gold. Noe is presenting a new era in which the romantic woman has liberated to embrace a darker, sensual and commanding version of herself. Minimalism is the main characteristic with a more pure tailoring that results in a luxurious collection that is anxiously anticipated this season."

I love surprises on the runway Noe, and you offered me that hands down. I promise by the time you return for another season, I will know a little more Spanish so we can hopefully do a live interview.

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