Emma Dunlavey CURVE Fine Art Photography Exhibit & Leone VIP Shopping Night - Art! Vancouver

One of the original photographs for sale
by renown photographer Emma Dunlavey
With all on my plate, it's getting harder and harder to lure me out to local events. BUT the combination of the chance to connect with amazing photographer Emma Dunlavey and a night of shopping at LEONE- a 25,000 square feet space in downtown Vancouver’s historical Sinclair Centre - was irresistible.

Add into that my favourite jewellery designer Carolyn Bruce was going to be one of the sponsors and the deal was sealed. CURVE was also a part of Art! Vancouver,  a world-class 4-day art event being held at several locations around Vancouver. Event producer Vernard Goud of LuvNGrace Entertaintment has my number down pat.

There was a smattering of rain this evening as I walked from the Skytrain to the venue, but nothing too intimidating. Outside, several smiling, handsome men stood ready to valet guest's car and welcome everyone in. This was a private invite only event, so everyone needed to check in first. On entrance I was greeted with more smiles plus hugs by the lovely ladies in charge of the invite list - Sonya Signic and Charlotte Doering. I have said it before but it bears repeating, having warm friendly people to welcome guests really sets the tone for any event.

The evening was a lovely mix of shopping, mingling and art, all in support of Caroline MacGillivray's organization - Beauty Night Society.  Glasses of white and red wine from The Hatch Winery, as well as small bottles of water were available from roaming servers or from a bar at the back. LEONE features a long, elegant entry hall with several side galleries along both sides, each focusing on different international designers.

Left image of Sonya Gignac and Charlotte Doering by Sidewalkrunway.com
Right Image of Carolyn Bruce Designs by Victoria Clements

Guests moved from room to room exploring all the wonderful, high end fashion as well as displays by sponsors participating this evening such as chocolates from Zimt and Raw Foundation to sample, unique Steampunk jewellery by Carolyn Bruce to try on and as the evening progressed, appetizers by  Silk Dinner Lounge to savour.  DJ Stephanie Deering kept the music flowing at a nice low level to add ambiance, but not overwhelm our many conversations. 

Far Left and 2nd from left by Peter Eastwood
2nd from right and far right by Sidewalkrunway.com

Each gallery also featured one of eight framed, signed originals by internationally acclaimed photographer Emma Dunlavey (represented by the Art Wanson Group). The eight framed art works offered a mix of editorial concepts and images from her recently published book - RAW - created in collaboration with long-time friend, Pamela Anderson. RAW is a mix of Dunlavey's photographs of Anderson shot over their 20 year relationship and Anderson's personal writing - all laid out in an unusual graphic format created by Dunlavey herself. 

Images by Sidewalkrunway.com

Emcee Skye Natasha Lintott of MySkyeBerryPie  took to the mike twice. Early in the evening she welcomed guests and let us know about all the wonderful things this evening held. Towards the end of the evening, she again took to the mike with photographer Emma Dunlavey to auction off a few signed copies of RAW as a part of the event's fundraising efforts. MySkyeBerryPie also provided the wonderful swag bags each guest left with.

Far Left, 2nd from left and 2nd from right by Sidewalkrunway.com, Far right Victoria Clements

As always, an evening like this would not be possible without the support of great sponsors and the list this evening was impressive.  Special thanks go out to Kevin White and LEONE, Vernard Goud and LuvNGrace Entertainment, Art Vancouver, Dena Details Inc., Beauty Night Society, Chali Rosso Gallery, Kirsten Larssen Art Curator, Iren Kossintseva Procedural Dermatology, Carolyn Bruce Designs, Metro-Living-Zine, Winestains Wine Academy, The Hatch Winery, Freywille, Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Clinic, Silk Dinner Lounge, Fresh Magazine, Future Hair Training, Jirehstone Vancouver, Manna Erfani Realtor, David Mitchell Contractors, MySkyeBerryPie, Myriam Callot Event Sponsorships, Raw Foundation Culinary Arts Institute  Red Carpet Ready and Zimt Chocolate.

Raw is available in Canada HERE and in the U.S. HERE! I highly recommend you check it out.