Shine 2016! Spotlight - in.Salon and is.Salon

Shine 2016 – an extravaganza of fashion, music and dance – will be hitting the stage at the Commodore Ballroom on September 10th . This wonderful evening is made possible by hundreds of individuals who are rallying together for mental health. Communities helping communities!

Every single person and every single business involved is volunteering their time and services. Because of their generosity, Shine! will be able to donate 100% of every dollar raised through ticket sales and donations directly to the evenings recipients - Canadian Mental Health Association and The Lions Gate Hospital HOpe Centre.

As a thank-you, we will be highlighting some of the wonderful people and businesses who are working hard to make this evening the best it can be. Today's interview is with Erin Whitney Moore of in.Salon and is.Salon, two of the 14 salons participating in SHINE!

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Please share a bit about  in.Salon and is.Salon - when were they opened, what is the salons' approach/philosophy?

We started is.Salon in 2008 with a vision to create an inspired environment, where creativity was rampant and education was supported. We wanted a space where we could all share ideas and let creativity flow. Where our clients could be given the best services we could offer, while still challenging ourselves to grow. We spend so much time at the salon, we wanted to create a family. In 2013 our family grew, and in.Salon was born. Following the same ideals, we have expanded our family, and now service a much larger clientele.

Please share about your journey to open this salon. If you have an interesting or funny story about the process we'd love to hear it.

I was 22 when I started the process of opening is.Salon. I had no idea what I was doing. What I did have was an amazing supportive group of friends I call family, many of who still work with me, that were there every step of the way. We all helped build it together. This is why it has such a strong foundation. I have been lucky enough to have an amazing team that helped me to grow in.Salon in the same way.

How many artists work here and what is the range of services you offer clients?

Between the two locations we have 50 staff and offer all hair services. We also specialize in extensions. 

What would you most like future clients to know about your two salons?

WE LOVE HAIR. We take so much pride in what we do. We will do whatever it takes to be the best at what we do for our clients.

For interested new clients - how should they book a consultation? Connect with the right artist?

We are all incredibly busy stylists who each have our specialties. If you would like to book a consult you can call either of our locations and let one of our amazing coordinators know what you are interested in having done. They will point you in the right direction. Or you can check out both of our Instagram accounts for inspiration @issalon @insalonyaletown

Please share how you heard about Shine 2016 and why you feel it's important for your salon to participate in this fundraiser in this fundraiser for mental health and addiction which address the stigma of mental health.

Many of us have had the pleasure of knowing Dean for several years. He is such an amazing person and inspires us daily. We have all been touched in one way or another by mental illness. We are so happy to be invited every year to help bring more awareness to the cause so close to our hearts.

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For more information on in.Salon and is.Salon, please visit on of their websites at and

Shine 2016 is going to be a do-not-miss amazing showcase of fashion, music and dance, all in support of The Canadian Mental Health Association and The Lions Gate Hospital HOpe Centre.
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