Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 17 Wednesday - LillzKillz, Macdie, Maya Rene, ShaniceEmily

Runway Images by Ed Ng Photography

I ended up arriving at the Chinese Cultural Centre early today. No worries, I had lots of connecting and things to do before they opened the doors for Wednesday's shows at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW). Changing from flats to proper heels was at the top of the list.

For some reason, what to wear took more time today.  Before the season starts, I try to look at my treasured pieces by designers and select a few to wear over the seven days. Anything I haven't had a chance to wear yet or something that hasn't been worn in awhile tops my list.

I had noticed a lovely royal blue tunic that had been patiently waiting for it's moment in the sun. Unfortunately, when I went to style it, I realized I just didn't have the right pieces to show it off properly. Even my husband gave me a thumbs down. So it went back into the closet for a future event.

I decided to embrace what was to be my Thursday inspiration - a wonderful Asian themed necklace, earrings, ring and satin purse by the uber talented Carolyn Bruce.  They were stand out, statement making pieces on their own, so a simple textured sheer black top and a textured knit pencil skirt offered the perfect canvas. Last but not least, I needed a pop of balance to the look so added some bright floral heels with gold studs.

Audience candids will be added as they become available.

The basic pieces I used as a foundation for this look are by Jac by JC and have been in my closet for several years. I cannot stress enough the importance of building a solid, versatile wardrobe from the ground up. First build the basics - pieces that mix and match in neutrals - then start adding those all important statement making pieces. This makes moments like yesterday come together easily and without panic.

There was a real diversity in today's shows - students, local designers and then those from out of the area. The last is covered here.  Shows by Vancouver area designers are covered in my BUY LOCAL column and Vancouver Community College's Fiat Mode XXIX grad fashion show is covered HERE! For out of the area shows I chose four designers to cover - LillzKillz, Macdie, Maya Rene and ShaniceEmily.

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After a decade covering fashion and with it -  a climb in my age and what I can wear - I have to stop every once and awhile and reconnect with the young talent coming up. The best part about fashion is the utter diversity in styles and aesthetics. It's so important to continue to support those with unique voices. LillzKillz was one of those shows for me.  While I don't see myself wearing these pieces, I want to give a nod to the designer for her unique vision and young voice.  It is also interesting to note she is an Eco designer as well.
From her bio -  Lillea Goian "...brings a new light to reworked garments, by using thrifted and vintage piece’s to create never before seen ensembles. Lillea’s passion for personal style goes beyond what you see on the exterior, it represents Lillea’s strong feelings of acceptance of all people; however they choose to dress or be...Each one of Lillea’s outfits are one of a kind, Lillea’s designs evoke the feeling of mystery, and encourage critical thinking.

Macdie Moulin-Vézina is another offering a collection aimed at the younger generation. This 27 years old fashion designer from Quebec City. Started sewing at the age of only 14. She also loved the guitar and has found a way to mix of these two passions Add in studies at theFashion Design at Campus Notre Dame de Foy as well as interest tattoo art and photography and you get an idea of all the influences in her work. The collection created in black with lots of skin and clean lines. Add in lots of skin and a mixx of sheers, solids, camo and a bit of shine and you have a collection aimed at the 25-35 year old rock crowd.

Maya Renè

From her bio, "Maya Ramirez first knew she wanted to be a fashion designer in the third grade. Now seven years later, 15 year old Maya is making her mark on the fashion world. She is most known for winning the inaugural season of the hit TV show Project Runway Jr, and since then she has revived two spreads in Seventeen Magazine, as well as a full scholarship to FIDM." If you aren't impressed you should be. I did not looker up ahead of time so watched the show assuming she was much older. She held her own.

According to her notes, Maya's collection was inspired by Greek and Roman architecture as well as the Victorian ages. But she changed it up by introducing modern silhouettes and chrome fabrics. The palette was a rage of neutrals, then the pop was added by a lovely mix of fabrics - sheers, solids, textured and mesh - as well as a mix of young silhouettes,

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The palette for the  ShaniceEmilye collection was very muted, but for good reason. Each garment on the runway had textural elements and design work that needed a simple foundation to shine. Some had what looked like braided sections or cutouts.  Others had strips of raw fabric appliqued on. Fabrics included leather, knit and sheers and woven.  This diversity in fabrics and textures were allowed to take centre stage by the designer keeping everything else, including silhouettes, simple.

From the VFW bio - "SE offers both creative bespoke garments, which are made for you, just they way you want and like, as well as offering the ‘MUST HAVES’ all garments endorse an individual creative streak but are incredibly wearable. ‘We focus on the wearer feeling confident and comfortable, whilst taking influence from nothing more than what surrounds us, our details and love for textiles are a main focus and the use of leather allows us to create visually stimulating garments.’"