Vancouver Fashion Week F/W 2017 - Lasalle College Vancouver Alumni Show

Image by Harry Leonard Imagery

To celebrate The Art Institute of Vancouver joining the LCI Education network, Lasalle College Vancouver chose to offer a very special alumni show for the Fall/Winter 2017 season.  Featured were seven outstanding graduates who have become strong designers with their own labels chosen from both campuses - their downtown Yaletown location and their new Renfrew location.

 To make this show one to remember, Lasalle College again brought in an amazing team - renowned stylist and fashion show producer Tracey Pincott, international video/photographer Trevor Brady and the stunning Lizbell Agency models.  The audience sat up in their seats from first look to final offering. Well done!

Below you will find the designers Vancouver Fashion Week bios along with runway images and at the very bottom, information on Lasalle College Vancouver, The Art Institute of Vancouver and the LCI Education Network. Enjoy!

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Adam-Lin Bungag

Philippine born Adam-Lin Bungag is the founder of A D A M, beginning in 2014 he marked his career with his first collection C O M P O S I T I O N shown at Vancouver Fashion Week and Vancouver Emerging Designer show.

Adam-Lin’s designs focus on the enigmatic qualities of the psychology and the physicality of society. With A D A M’s recent collection, R E C L U S E, Adam-Lin wants the audience to experience his collection the same way he created it, in isolation. The collection took its inspiration from his feelings of separation in his personal life and the reflective of his relationships with others.

Laura Torrella

Laura’s passion for colours and shapes is influenced by her upbringing in Cuba. After studying Fine Arts in her home country she moved to Canada and discovered fashion as a form of art. She loves to play with the endless possibilities of fashion design, texture being one of her favourites. As a sculptor enthusiast Laura manipulates fabric as if it was clay and her work shows it. Laura, also a LaSalle College Fashion Design graduate, has been able to perfection her style by successfully combining her background and the new life as a Canadian. Her inspirations come from “city in nature”..hint: Vancouver…and a chaotic stability between opposites, or as she likes calling her latest work “Clean & Messy”. She mixes textures of handmade frayed layers with clean cut structured silhouettes. It is the perfect balance.

Britt Wacher

Brittany Wacher is a Montreal based designer who studied at LaSalle College in Vancouver, BC. Following graduation she worked as a stylist in Thailand before relocating to Arnhem where she worked with Dutch designer Pauline Van Dongen. It was under Van Dongen’s tuleage that Brittany began to refine her approach to garment construction and the practice of conceptual exploration. Wacher’s pieces are reflections of experiencing life through fantasy and simultaneously, the core conflicts of the physical world. Integral to her vision is the concept of duality and the passage of energy through time and space. This energy, represented by moods and feelings is transformed into shapes, colour blocking and use of lines in textile. Habitual examination of information collected consciously and subconsciously, creates a strong dialogue between simplicity and chaos. Thus, producing a display of shapely, complex, unconventionally tailored garments.

Brittany Wacher’s label Brit Wacher, has been viewed at Toronto Fashion Week, Montreal Fashion Week, Saturday Night Live, and featured in Vogue Italia, Glow Magazine, Clin d’oeil Magazine, Flare Magazine, FASHION Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine. Brittany collaborates with other designers, artists, and musicians in creating multi-disciplinary projects which allude to the overall concept of creation and contribution to creative community.

Bahareh Memarian

Bahareh Memarian studied architecture at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and got her Building Engineering Certificate from BCIT. Realizing it was not the right career path for her, Bahareh decided to do what she had always loved – fashion design. She received her Fashion Design Diploma at The Art Institute of Vancouver, achieving President’s Honour Roll, the Best of Portfolio Show Award and the Most Outstanding collection Award at the Atelier 2016 Fashion Show.

Upon graduation, her collection got featured on the New York Fashion Week runway in February 2016. She designs edgy, elegant and flattering yet comfortable, functional and one of a kind pieces. The love she has for animals is a huge part of the inspiration behind her designs. Animals can and do feel and understand everything just as intensely as a human being does and making them suffer for any reason including creating textiles is definitely not ethical. She believes there is no beauty in what that has been achieved if it has caused another pain and misery.

Her focus is to create luxurious collections using stunning, high quality 100% cruelty-free, manmade materials including faux fur products, expanding the depth of beauty of this world, rather than taking away from it.

Jamaree Eiammanassakul “Rily”

Jamaree Eiammanassakul was born and raised in Thailand. She has been passionate to be a designer since she was young. Rily earned a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from School of Architecture and Design, Soa+D, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (International Program), Thailand. After working for a while, she decided to pursue her dream. She enrolled in The Art Institute of Vancouver and earned a diploma in Fashion Design in 2014. The design schools, she had attended trained her to be a hard worker, as well as a team player. Rily loves creating minimal designs with rich details and hidden concepts.

Esther Ashu

Esther is a Vancouver based Fashion designer, born in Nigeria and raised in Ireland. Esther has always been fascinated by the ability of certain colors and items of clothing to change moods or express emotions. Enjoy experimenting with styles to create my own unique look, her work tends to focus on the body figure and fashion as a type of performance. In this collection, Paris Bound, the focus was to create luxurious red carpet evening wear using stunning, high-quality fabrics such as sequin lace, beads, lace and silk organza – that perfect couture dress that royalty would wear in the city of lights.

Esther also designed evening wear for fundraisers held by the Royal Thai Consul-General of Vancouver as well as for the Little Black Dress Gala. Her recent collections mostly focus on creating luxurious Red carpet evening wear collections using stunning, high-quality Fabrics such as sequin lace, beaded lace, and silk organza.

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About LaSalle College Vancouver (

Established in 1998, LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) is a boutique design school is accredited by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia. Offering diploma programs in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Graphic Design, Professional Photography and 2D/3D Animation as well as a certificate in Artistic Makeup, LCV has doubled its student population since it inaugurated its new campus in Yaletown in 2014. LCV also offers e-learning programs in Fashion Marketing, Administrative Assistant, Video Game 3D Modeling, Interior Design, Graphic Design – Branding and Event Planning and Management.

About The Art Institute of Vancouver (

The Art Institute of Vancouver (AIV) is an award winning higher education provider offering an array of exciting applied arts programs in diverse fields such as VFX for Film and Television, Video Game Programming, Digital Film & Video, Game Art & Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion, Culinary Arts and just to name a few. Located in an 80,000 square feet building in beautiful Vancouver, AIV delivers programs with credentials ranging from Bachelor Degrees, Diploma’s and Certificates and has been consistently named one of the top 10 undergraduate schools for video game design by the Princeton Review. AIV is also a member of the LCI Education network.

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LCI Education traces its origins back to LaSalle College in Montreal, which was founded in 1959. Present today on 5 continents, the LCI Education network consists of 22 select higher education institutions, and some 1,500 employees offering instruction to over 12,000 students throughout the world each year. LCI Education is also known as a leader in online training in Canada. LCI Education encourages program harmonization across the various countries in order to ensure greater flexibility, better control over the quality of its services and respect for cultural diversity.