Meet the SHINE2018 Team - Hemingway Ladouceur, Style by Hemingway

Please share a little bit about who you are and what you do.  

I am a young artist living in the city of Vancouver. Originally from Montreal, moved here almost a decade ago to start a new journey. I get involved with many charitable organizations in any way that I can. This city is thriving with amazing talent to be seen and I want to help bring those individuals to the forefront. 

My career has brought me to Shine through the same process many do... Assistant to the stylist. Doing the work that not everyone wants to do. By working hard and making my self known, I perceived and have made it this far. 

How did you meet Dean Thullner?

I was fresh on the scene and working on one of his new shows. This may have been one of my very first BIG show. So I did what anyone in my position would do... start directing people around and making sense of the backstage craziness. 
I guess Dean liked what he saw because I have been working with him for a few years now and it's always the best time.

You are part of the SHINE2018 team. What is your position on the SHINE team and what does your work entail?

I manage anything fashion. I over see the designers work and prep with my team anything we might be missing for the show as fast as dancers and models go. Running the fashion section back stage is thrilling. The day of the show everyone is excited and nervous all at the same time. I guess I thrive under stress because all the shows have been amazing. 

What is your "why"?  Why were you drawn to offer your talents in support of this specific charity fundraiser?

Growing up, my family never had enough money to send all the kids to their favorite activity. I always wanted to be on stage. Somehow be in the theater or around clothes. At least part of the tech team.. really anything to get me as close to the production. I loved every part of it. 
This really is my way of expanding on this childhood love. By putting this production together, these amazing people are able to make a difference in so many peoples life. I'm only one person in the grand scheme of things but I like to do my part.

SHINE2018 has the hashstag #nostigma, and the funds raised are earmarked for programs servicing those struggling with mental illness and addiction. Was this a part of your reason for volunteering?  If so, please share a little bit about your passion for this cause.

Mental illness runs in every family...mine included. My best friend in the whole wide world just so happens to be the same person I came into this world with. My twin sister. She herself is an artist and an amazing one at that! 

A few years ago we went through some difficult times and struggled with what it meant to be at ease. Mental illness affects everyone close to you and I wanted to be there for my sister just as much as she wanted to be there for me. But it took time and hard work. 

What are you most looking forward to at SHINE2018 in terms of the amazing show being created?

I am most looking forward to the many surprises Dean has in store for all of us. Yes, even the production team isn't in on all the special details. Every year Dean surprises the guests with something amazing. Stay tuned! 

Any last thing you'd like to share - a quote, a thought, an encouragement for people to attend and/or donate. 

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different"  -- Coco Chanel.

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