Meet the SHINE2018 Team - Justin Voitic

Please share a little bit about who you are and what you do. 

I am a Fashion Blogger / Influencer & also the Manager at IN Salon in Yaletown. I started off as a blogger and model in the Vancouver fashion industry in 2010, then I gained experience coordinating backstage at different fashion shows and events, as well as Eco Fashion Week & Vancouver Fashion Week (while continuing to walk in shows).

This mixture of being in the spotlight while working behind the scenes simultaneously gave me the experience and courage to launch my own Fashion Agency - The FIVE Agency in 2011. I then closed it down to pursue different career paths which led me to where I am today where I feel like I have the best of both worlds managing IN Salon while continuing to keep my finger on the pulse in this city and remain an Influential Public Figure in the fashion & entertainment industries here.

How did you meet Dean Thullner?

I first met Dean Thullner while covering his amazing event RED for the Positive Living Society of BC as media. I then reconnected with him in preparation for the first SHINE event, where I joined the team as the Fashion & Lifestyle correspondent. I worked on the Instagram account last time, did FB live videos and lead up interviews with the designers involved to create an awareness of this amazing event. Then was there during and after the event to assist in any way I could. Dean is such an inspiring leader in our community and our city, and his events have helped raised funds and awareness for causes that are close to my heart. He really inspires me, and so many of us, and I am grateful for our friendship!

You are part of the SHINE2018 team. What is your position on the SHINE team and what does your work entail?

I will be returning as the Fashion & Lifestyle corespondent this year, a title that was created for me to add some JV sparkle to all that is SHINE! This year, since I now run the show as the Manager of IN Salon, I will also have a secondary role. I will help coordinate the hair provided by some of our generous and VERY talented stylists at both IN & IS salons (owned by the wonderful Erin Moore) - as we are working on two designer sets this year. Both are designers who I love & admire - Connally Mcdougall & Jennifer Kappler.

What is your "why"? Why were you drawn to offer your talents in support of this specific charity fundraiser?

As someone who has experienced anxiety at different points in my life, SHINE is a cause that is very close to my heart. I feel like my charisma, positivity, love for creativity, and respect for the designers and those involved is why I was also drawn to support this fantastic fundraiser.

SHINE2018 has the hashstag #nostigma, and the funds raised are earmarked for programs servicing those struggling with mental illness and addiction. Was this a part of your reason for volunteering? If so, please share a little bit about your passion for this cause.

As mentioned, I not only have friends and family members who have worked in the field of mental health, but also have suffered from mental illness and/or addictions. I have gone through points in my life where I have experienced PTSD & anxiety due to traumas. I also am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and have so much love and support for anyone who is currently suffering or struggling with what I have mentioned. Being part of this event makes me feel like I am helping to make a difference, and that is something I’ve always wanted to do with my fashion career.

What are you most looking forward to at SHINE2018 in terms of the amazing show being created?

Definitely the fashion! I cannot wait to get a glimpse of the fantastic pieces that are being designed by our talented designers, and of course to see everything unfold on the day of the show! I’ll be there with my social media in hand ready to capture the action for the viewers at home!

Any last thing you'd like to share - a quote, a thought, an encouragement for people to attend and/or donate.

Please, bring your family & friends to this amazing event - it will be an unforgettable evening of art, fashion, and inspiration. All for an important cause!

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