Day 2 Writing Challenge Observe - The Healing Power of Sound Washing Through You!

I thought this 30 day writing challenge would be made up of daily writing prompts. Not so. Day 2 is on getting into the mindset. They offer a video with 5 tips on how to focus, so I chose one - observe.

Stress and worry has been rearing its ugly head lately, so I was thrilled to have joined one of Matthew Kocel's Sound Healing yesterday he was holding just 10 minutes from my home. And after, I decided this would be my inspiration for the Day 2 writing challenge today.

Want to join me - it's more fun when you share.  Head out of your house and just observe. Then use what you see to inspire a short article or short story and share your link in this blog's comments so I can check out what you wrote.
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I no longer remember how I first heard of Matthew Kocel's Sound Healing sessions, but I do remember my first one. A women's group had invited him to their meeting in Gastown, Vancouver, and they were allowing outsiders to come. I hadn't slept well, was stressed and exhausted, and showed up just hoping I didn't fall asleep and snore.  I had no expectations.

What I found was Matthew's music seemed to flow through me.  That first time it was the throat singing in particular that seemed to have the greatest impact.  Since then, I have discovered each time I at at one of his sessions it's something different that seems to hit a chord inside.  One time is was the soft bells he chimes as he walks through the people in attendance.  Another time is was the Buddhist singing bowl.  Even if I come tired, I always leave feeling energized and it lasts for several hours after.

This week I have been struggling to release some tension coming from my social sphere.  Yes, I do know what others think and do is not my business - that if I react then it's something inside of me to heal and let go of.  But for some reason this week it's been harder than usual to clear. It turned out to be great timing I signed up for a sound healing session a week ago. Sometimes things just come together like this - the right support in the right moment. 

Yesterday it was the conch shell (I think - remember my eyes are closed) he blew right at the start that hit me like a tidal wave. I think my body jumped a bit.  There were other powerful moments as well, such as his walking by each of us with those small chimes, but my body's reaction to that opening note was startling.

While I didn't clear all the anxiety and density by the end, this session letting the sounds and music Matthew chose to offer that day helped the cleansing process begin. And while I was experiencing it, an image arose of a visualization and truth I needed to embrace to help me release and let go more completely. Every time another thought arises, I repeat this visualization and truth.

I hope each of you will take a moment to observe something in your day and write it up. Then share the link in the comments session so I can see a bit of the world through YOUR eyes. 

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