30 Day Writing Challenge Day 6 - Saying Goodbye to My Top Pet Peeves of 2019, Part 1

Pet peeves, we all have them.  For day 6 of my writing challenge, I thought it might be fun to review some of my top ones for 2019. I found I had so many to share, this may end up being part 1 of a 2 or even 3 part series. And for the record, most pet peeves come from someone being disrespectful. BAM!

If you feel inspired, send me your pet peeves so I can include them in part 2!

Lack of Clarity, especially in business - This seems to have become a way of life. I don't know if it's that businesses are now owned by people who didn't learn responsibility growing up, or if it's a new trend in the way businesses function.  In the last month I've -
  • Dealt with having a clothing order for Xmas at a well-recognized online store accepted, then weirdly acknowledged 3 times. When I reached out to ask why, they told me it was back-ordered and gave me no expected delivery date. So I went out to try to find a replacement, then after I found something, came home and called them up right away to cancel. No can do. The backordered item with no expected delivery day suddenly was not only in stock, but had been packed for shipment and the delivery person scheduled to pick it up. WOW! 
  • I booked a less than load shipment (big moving companies add smaller items to a non-full shipment) to Ontario. When they picked it up, I let them know about delivery concerns, and they said the average was 10 days. After 10 days with no communication, I reached out to see if they had any idea on the delivery date only to be asked why I was stressing. They still wouldn't give me any idea of when it might be delivered so I could make sure someone was there to receive it, and couldn't understand why it was a thing. Finally got them to agree to confirm 2 days before delivery so I could arrange final payment and that someone was there to receive it. You'd think they'd want to schedule it, but no to avoid problems.  Just flabbergasted.
Driving - I continue to be amazed by drivers. One would assume their goal is to get where they are going without having an accident, but their driving patterns suggest otherwise.  Here are some highlights -

  • Turned out from a side street onto a very busy street with traffic at speed and right in front of me with no regard for the speed I was going and whether I could slow down in time.
  • Changed lanes from the right to the centre, then immediately slammed on their brakes and put on their left turn signal. I guess the assumption was I could stop my forward moving car in time.  This even happened to me once on a rain-drenched down hill slope. Fortunately with quick reactions and lots of squealing tires, I somehow managed to not slam into them.
  • U-turn on a busy street. Hard to believe, but several times I've been driving in the centre lane on a busy 4-lane street and had the person driving in the right hand lane decide to do a u-turn across all lanes of traffic to the right hand lane on the other side of the road heading the other direction.  Brakes squeal, horns honk, everyone is scared to death. So far I've not seen anyone causing an accident doing this, but it's going to happen one day. Still shocked I've seen this happen more than once.
  • Trying to sneak behind a car backing up.  Why do people's aggressive driving tendencies seem to flourish in the lowly parking lot? When backing out of a parking stall, you are looking right, left and behind. You're moving slowly to be careful. By the time you're halfway out of the parking slot, you assume people will let you finish. NOPE! There is always someone who thinks there is just enough room for their car to sneak through behind you. Sometimes they honk, sometimes they don't.  It's been a close call a few times. 

Phones - I know we can all relate to issues with cell phones.  In fact it's hard to even think of all the things that just make me crazy. But here we go.

  • No response to a text message. I've been told no one wants voicemails anymore, that I should text instead. But if I do text you, I expect an answer. Not right away. I don't do that either. But if 2 days have passed and you haven't even acknowledge receiving my, I find it annoying. To text again feels like spamming. 
  • Talking on your cell phone in public.  When I grew up, we didn't have cell phones - yes I'm that old.  The number one horrible thing you could do back then is listen to someone else's phone conversation on an extension. Yet every time I'm on transit someone comes on talking loudly to a friend/family on their cell phone. We all hear everything they say. Why would I want to listen to your call? Same thing at the grocery store, the bank and the airport. Just before getting to the front of the line, there is always someone who makes or receives a call and tries to do business while talking on their phone loudly enough that we are all are privy to their conversation. Insane.
  • On their phone at the gym, in the theatre or during an event.  Words escape me. The signs at the gym in particular are well posted, and yet there is always one person on a machine that thinks the rules do not apply to them. One time I had to listen to a woman plan a party while I worked out. When I complained to staff, they said they'd already talked to her several times. Why they didn't kick her out, I don't know. At an event or theatre, your phone ringing is first of all a huge distraction to all of us. Then occasionally I see someone answer and talk during the event instead of instantly turning it off.  That happened once with someone in the front row of a fashion show I was at. It was to insulting and disrespectful to the event, the fashion designer and to all of us in the audience. If I could have had them banned from future shows I would. 

Well, that's it for part one. Time to put my mind towards part 2 and I'd love you're input. What can you offer for me to include in part 2?  I can't wait to hear.