Interview With Entrepreneur, Writer, Storyteller, and Performer Melody Owen

I first met Melody Owen when she took over running the YVR Authors Meet-up Group. Her passion to support our goals stood out from the beginning. 

Over time I began to get to know a little more about her personally. She worked one-on-one with writers to help them reach publication, had published a couple of books herself, and was a single parent caring for her mother who suffered from dementia as well as a teenage daughter struggling with the medical aftermath of a cheerleading fall. How did she do it all?

This spring she surprised us all with an unexpected announcement. At the age of 51, Melody was writing a monologue based on her memoir – The Devil’s Daughter (in the editing process) – she would be performing at the Vancouver Fringe Festival September 5-15th. This made it the perfect time to reach out for an interview. One of my questions was simply, “Why now?”

= = = =

Please share a little bit about yourself and all you’re involved with?

I am an entrepreneur, writer, storyteller, performer, and mom! My passion is creating a just world for everyone. I do that by sharing my stories as well as helping others share theirs through writing, publishing, and promoting their work. I try to ......

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