Entrepreneurs and COVID-19 - Interview with Warren Dean Flandez, Singer, Songwriter & Owner of Studio Cloud 30 (Vancouver, Tsawwassen, Burnaby)

Warren & Katherine at the Grammys 2019
Please share a bit about yourself as an entrepreneur and what your business entails - brick and mortar store, online, product, etc.

My name is Warren Dean Flandez. I am a Gospel inspired R&B/Soul/Pop singer, song writer, founder/director of The Top Line Vocal Collective and, along with my wife, Katherine Flandez, owner of Studio Cloud 30 Entertainment Inc.

Studio Cloud 30 is a talent development company, music school and recording studio. We specialize in offering industry level musical training and label services for people of all ages and experience levels. Founded in 2010, we now have three locations - Vancouver, Burnaby and Tsawwassen. 

Before the COVID-19 crisis, how did you work with your regular clients and reach out to new ones. What type of marketing worked best for you?

Left - Vancouver, Middle - Tsawwassen, Right - Burnaby

Before the pandemic, we offered exclusive one on one music lessons and recording services at all three of our locations. As a boutique establishment specializing in bespoke training for our customers, we rarely offered group classes. Instead, as every person is unique and different with their needs, we chose to focus on allowing our clients to customize their experience. In addition to digital marketing, traditional word of mouth has played a key role in our success.

Warren with some of the amazing talent that make up his studio team!

How has the social isolation required to combat the spread of COVID-19 affected your business? What about this has been hardest for you personally?

Given the nature of our business and the interaction with our clients, we have had to shut down all three of our locations during this pandemic. The safety of our staff and clients was our number one priority and we did not hesitate to make the decision to suspend our operations. The hardest thing about about this personally has been worrying about my staff and clientele, and praying that they are keeping safe, healthy and financially stable through these uncertain times. 

Left, Pre COVID face-to-face lesson - Right, instructor teaching a private student online.

Have you found new ways to interact with your customer? Have you developed any new products or services as a way to help your clients through this time, or to fill a new need you see? 

Ever since we closed our doors and suspended our in-person services back in March, we have made the transition to online lessons. To many, music is medicine. So we felt that bringing our clients their musical outlet during these trying times was in many ways essential to some people for their mental health. 

Music Heals Canada
What type of marketing seems to be working best for you in this time of social isolation

Currently, social media has played a significant role in our marketing during social isolation. 

Anything you'd like readers to know about you and your business? Any last words of encouragement you'd like to share with everyone?

If you or someone you know is feeling alone and isolated, reach out for help wherever you think that may be. If music is your haven, we are currently offering free half hour trial online lessons during this time via Zoom. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I realize that we are not all in the same boat, but simply weathering the same storm together. Wishing you and your loved ones continued health and safety during this time. Much love.

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