30 Day Writing Challenge Day #23 - My Zip Lining Adventure, I Have a Need for Speed!

Ready to launch. Just waiting for the okay to go from the landing platform.

With the COVID restrictions in place, it really slowed down my ability to cross things off my 2020 Year of Marilyn Bucket List Challenge.  There were some things I could do at home, but others that required a bit of travel or the use of a company.

When things loosened up in late June, my husband and I felt it was time for a mini-vacay. The walls were closing in for me. Just 2-1/2 hours north of us is a great ski area called Whistler.  During the summer, it is really popular as an outdoor adventure destination.  From gondola rides high in the mountains, to river rafting, to canoeing/kayaking, to hikes from mild walks to steep climbs, to trail riding on bikes - the list of outdoor activities you can try is endless. AND with international travel halted, the cost of renting a place through AirBNB was heavily discounted.

Left - in the back of the truck ready to be bounced around on the rough road.
Right - a pic of the open side, 6 passenger, all terrain vehicle that took us up the mountain. 

After a bit of searching,
we decided the safest and most comfortable choice for our accommodations would be a townhouse with private entrance. No busy hotel lobby to navigate and we could could have a small kitchen.  Not that we would be cooking, but we find it nice to have snacks and easy to grab breakfast items as well as the ability to make coffee.

Small helmet & harness on,
trolley over our shoulders and
ready to fly!
We found the perfect one for us in the North Village. As it was very vertical, it had TWO balconies. There was a small more public one on the lower floor (which was the second floor of the complex) that had shade morning to early afternoon. Then a larger one on the top floor with a mountain view that had shade from mid-afternoon on.  If you love baking in the sun that top balcony would be perfect from morning to late afternoon.

I wanted to cross one thing off my bucket list challenge while there - zip lining. The companies were  not running all their adventures this year. Why? The number of visitors are down and the COVID restrictions had an impact on what they could offer as well. From what was available I decided to book us on the four zip line course offered by Superfly Ziplines and I'm so glad I did. I liked the idea of going down several lines and talking between each ride. I also was drawn to the fact they had 2 lines side by side so Glen and I could go down at the same time.

A couple of notes:
  • Superfly doesn't currently offer the shuttle from Whistler Village to Cougar Mountain. You have to get there on your own. (response to COVID restrictions)
  • Face masks are required the entire time as the guides have to get close to buckle you in and let you out. They did have disposable masks for those who forgot.  (response to COVID restrictions)
  • There is a ride up to the first platform in open sided all terrain vehicles on one of the roughest roads I've ever been on.  They made us put on serious mountain biking helmets with chin guards for our safety that gave me serious claustrophobia vibes.  I barely made it. Fortunately being bounced around in the open vehicle distracted me. Once at the top we changed to a simple, small helmet that was not a problem.  If you have serious back or neck issues, be aware. I suggest you take an anti-inflammatory ahead of time to protect yourself.
  • Although they give you a list of things to bring, you can't take most on the adventure. You have to lock them in your car (limited lockers available).  I would have left several things behind if I knew that in advance.  
Left - Most starting points were wood platforms level with the path. The exception was this one
called Godzilla as we all had to climb up his tail to the reach the zip line.
Right - the view down one of the jumps from the platform. That little tan speck way off in the distance at the top of the rise we the ending platform. 

The zip lining was AMAZING! If you have a serious, debilitating fear of heights - this isn't for you. Other than that, you could not feel more safe. The harness felt very secure. The protocols followed before every single guest was released down a line were very strict. Our three guides were warm, welcoming, really responsive to questions or concerns and made the trip extra fun.   I made the mistake is sitting up straighter the first line so I could enjoy the view, but realized I wasn't getting much of an adrenal rush. Then Glen literally BLEW past me.  Speed - I needed speed! And that's where doing 4 in a row is great.

I took a nice standard smiling pic of our guides first, then asked them to ham it up.
Loved this one so much better. They made it all so fun for us!

On line two I laid out more horizontal, although I could still see down the line. I put my legs together and pointed my toes and let out a big whoop at the start . The rush was instantaneous. I flew down the line, my mask flapping in the breeze. As I neared the landing area, I did sit up more, put my legs apart and flattened my feet to try to slow down a bit, but to no avail. I hit the end hard and swung up with my legs on each side of the cable. It was again - AMAZING!  The harder landing brought home the speed and fun of it all. I repeated this on the next 2 lines joyfully.

Thanks to Superfly and the great trio of guides who made the entire experience one I can't wait to repeat.  And remember, we all need to push our boundaries and keep trying new things. If we don't, we'll end up being one of THOSE PEOPLE, the ones who keep repeating the same old stories from their youth every time you see them. Time to make new memories to share!