30 Day Writing Challenge Day #29 - Why Does Everyone Seem to Want a HUGE Bedroom?

Lately when I watch TV, I have started to embrace home renovation shows. They've become a truly guilty pleasure. Honestly, I've no idea why. From Good Bones, to Bargain Mansions to Fixer Upper (I find Property Brothers a meh)  - I can't seem to get enough. Fortunately, as I haven't watched them before, I have tons of back seasons to keep me going.

There are several trends I was not aware of, as well as several new and exciting new products to use. I also love when they find a vintage piece and upcycle it to fit into a home.  An old well-used dresser becomes a bathroom cabinet. A beat up old dining room buffet morphs into a kitchen island. It's really inspiring.

Then there are the shows featuring singles and couples searching for new homes or vacation properties. As they walk through each option, they talk about the rooms - what appeals to them what doesn't. Sometimes it's what you would expect to hear. Sometimes not.

In both instances I constantly hear one room commented on - the master bedroom.  Really? That's what most are concerned about? I love when a master bedroom is big enough for whatever furniture Glen and I want to put in it.  Bonus for me is a walk in closet (doesn't have to be huge, just usable) and an ensuite bathroom. So even I don't want it miniscule. 

But people today seem to want them ENORMOUS with big open areas of nothing and a seating area. WHY? If it's a guest room for visitors where you want them to have a private area to hang out in - then okay. It makes sense. Outside of that, I don't understand.

Of all the rooms in a house, the one I am in the least when awake is the bedroom. I'm only in there to sleep, dress and put away laundry. The rooms I want spacious are the ones I live in. I love a big, open concept main area with good size kitchen that more than one can be in at a time (I don't have that now), a great island, a dining area as I love family/friend dinners around a big table (casual is fine), and a large family room with tons of comfortable seating to hang out in.  When this kitchen/dining room/family room is one big open spacelarger get-togethers are more comfortable with everyone  in the same room, and yet not in the same room.

 Also on my list is more than one bathroom, bathrooms that are laid out in a way people of all sizes can use them, a soaker tub and a fabulous shower (don't have to be in the same bathroom).  Having a truly enormous master bedroom just seems a waste of space to me. 

I remember when we were looking for a new home.  We thought we wanted to downsize, so checked out a smaller house. The downstairs was the worst living space I had EVER seen with a tiny den to the right as you entered, then a small square space at the back that held a miniscule kitchen that barely fit one person, an even tinier space next to it they were calling a living room (only sat 2 people on a love seat that faced a wall - not room for even one chair) and very small area next to them you might get a table for six in, but not sure you could seat six in chairs there. 

Then you went upstairs to find one small guest bedroom that had more square footage than the "living room" next to a HUGE master bedroom and giant ensuite bathroom. Put together the square footage was larger than the entire kitchen/living room/dining room downstairs. SIGH!  Truly the worst use of space I'd ever seen.

All I can say is, when you look at a new home, look at the rooms in terms of how you will actually use them - not through a lens of some architect's skewed view.  Look for houses that commit the largest space to the areas you will be in the most. Then stand in each room envisioning how you will use it. Does the layout make sense. Walk from area to area. Does it have a good flow from one area to the next?  

Above all, remember just because it's a trend, doesn't mean it will work for you or fulfill your priorities.