My New Word for 2021 - Evolution

At the start of
most new years I choose a word as the year's theme. I don't spend a lot of time doing it - I just let my heart speak. After I often totally forget about it. No worries. If I am letting my heart chose that word then, as the year progresses, I assume my heart's guidance will lead the way.  

Last year I don't think
I chose one. There was my birthday in January, then the birth of my first grandchild in  February, then a visit out a few weeks later to help, and then the COVID crisis was rearing it's ugly head as we flew home.  I did create a year of 2020 Bucket List Challenge for me, so perhaps challenge or new experiences would have been good choices. But when asked just last week for a word to describe the previous year I typed isolation.  So in the end, that was probably the best choice. 

This year, somewhere on Facebook, someone asked for a single work for 2021.  Without any thought at all - the way I always answer questions like this - I typed EXPANSION. HMMM.  That didn't sound like me at all, but there it was. For the next week I spent time thinking about this choice, why I chose it. I wanted to write a column on it, but nothing appeared when I stared at the computer, fingers poised above the keyboard.

Today I again sat pondering this 
response and what it possibly meant.  I am honestly not motivated by becoming a big business or a millionaire or a social media celebrity. I am also not against those things, but they definitely aren't what drive my passion.  My motivation comes from meeting new people, hearing new stories and giving those stories wings.  It also comes from sharing the pieces of gold those I interview have placed in my deep pockets - wisdom they shared with me gleaned from their lives.

Today as I again stared at the screen an idea arose.  I decided to check out the definitions of expansion from different sources to see if there was a connection. Nothing. Next came the idea to look at suggested synonyms and bingo - that's when I hit the mother load.  I was instantly drawn to the word EVOLUTION. This was where my heart was trying to lead me. Evolution it is! 

Now comes the fun.  How will the theme of evolution guide my year and, after a year of isolation, how will this new year play out in a way that lets me experience personal evolution.  Exciting to think about isn't it! Such a positive focus after a year of looking inward.  No matter what direction this word takes me, I know it will allow me to grow and change and continue to move forward - to become all I can be. 

I want to close with a quote from a book written by Glennon Doyle called, "Untamed. Page after page, something she said hit the mark for me.  And out of all the amazing thought she shared, this was hands down my favorite. 

"If I am living bravely, my entire life will become a million deaths and rebirths. My goal is not to remain the same but to live in such a way that each day, year, moment, relationship, conversation, and crisis is the material is use to become a truer, more beautiful version of myself. The goal is to surrender, constantly, who I just was in order to become who this next moment calls me to be. I will not hold on to a single existing idea, opinion, identity, story, or relationship that keeps me from emerging new."

If you also like to choose a theme word at the start of each year, I would love to hear it. Please comment below letting me know the word you've chosen and what you feel it means to you in this moment - right at the beginning!