No Pity in Death (An Annie Collins Mystery #2) by Helen Starbuck

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Synopsis -

Struggling to put her life back together after almost being murdered, operating room nurse Annie Collins agrees to help homicide Detective Alex Frost investigate a troubling number of patient deaths in the ICU step down unit at her hospital. Are the patients succumbing to life threatening illnesses or is someone helping them die? Assistant district attorney and close friend, Angel Cisneros, worries about Annie’s involvement with Frost’s investigation, and his concern escalates after a person from her past contacts her. His feelings for her, which have grown deeper, complicate everything. Dangerous enemies are something Annie and Angel have in common. As they quickly discover, paybacks can be hell.

Review -

No Pity in Death is book #2 in the Annie Collins Mystery series. Here the main character - Annie Collins - is still recovering from her close brush with death at the hands of someone she loved. Her neighbor Angel, along with several close friends, have brought her back from the edge - but she is in no way healed. Back at work Annie struggles to deal with flashbacks, nightmares and the fear her former lover - a psychopath who has vowed to end her life - will find a way out of prison to finish the job.

Then three things happen. First there is a whiff of something wrong at the hospital she works at. There is a spike in patient deaths. Yes they are old and/or sick, yes their time is limited, yes the deaths could be natural - but the numbers hint at an angel of death. Second is the unexpected delivery of a package that is definitely from her former lover. She panics thinking he's out. When it's confirmed he's still in prison, the search turns to finding out who is helping him harass her. And third, Angel's life may be in danger. His boss was harassed, then dies in a questionable auto accident. Now Angel is facing the same threat.

With three story threads arising around the same time, the reader is led to question, are they related in any way? Will each have a different solution, or in the final pages will they tie together in some unforeseen way. Well, you'll have to read to find out.

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Meet the Author -

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Helen Starbuck is a Colorado native, former OR nurse, and award-winning author of the standalone romantic suspense novel Legacy of Secrets, and the Annie Collins Mystery Series. She loves mysteries, suspense, romance, and any book that is well written. She’s a huge fan of books with independent, strong, women characters and, as Neil Gaiman says, “…stories where women save themselves.”

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