Vancouver Fashion Week FW 21 - Interview with Fashion Designer Rojan Hooshyar of La Femme Roje (Vancouver)

Brand Description - 

La Femme Roje was founded in 2013, through the art, design, and ideas of a young, ambitious designer and stylist, Rojan Hooshyar. Hooshyar's love and desire to make an impact with her creativity in the world of fashion came to life with La FemmeRoje, a Vegan and Sustainable brand. After a few years in business, they now distribute their designs and products in Iran, Canada, California Germany, UAE, Kuwait, and soon all over the world.

Bio - 

Rojan Hooshyar is an Iranian Canadian Fashion Designer, Stylist and Entrepreneur who started her education in management, receiving her Master’s Degree from the University of Tehran, and later earned a certificate in Shoe and Bag Design and Pattern making from Arsutoria school in Italy. The she began to pursue her dream to combine Iranian and Middle Eastern fashion with modern and sustainable elements and materials. Rojan started her work in the world of fashion with a successful collection of handcrafted shoes in Tehran, Iran. She continued expanding her designs from only shoes, to accessories and clothes. After moving to Vancouver, Canada in 2016, Rojan aimed to enlarge her market and production through North America and Europe. 

Interview - 

Please share a bit about your journey to choose a career in fashion? Where did you choose to study or, if self taught, how did you gain your skills?

Art has been a part of my family and up bringing since I was born. My father is a professional calligrapher and my mother is very fashionable. I was inspired by my father’s art, Persian poetry and ancient tails and my mother’s sense of fashion throughout my childhood. My love for fashion, especially shoe design started from an early age. I would steal her mom’s heels and paint on them with a white-out pen! I also had a rather avant-garde style compared to other kids my age.

Growing up, I always changed up my regular clothes and shoes (for example I used to draw on my shoes with a white sharpie). After graduating from High school, I took sculpting, sketching, drawing, etc classes along with my Business Management studies at University Of Tehran. After finishing my masters, and learning more about the world of fashion, I decided to expand my knowledge from basics of design, to a more professional field which was shoe and bag design and pattern making, as well as fashion styling and image making from various fashion schools.

What inspired you to launch your own label?

I wanted to show the West that despite all the limitations, Middle Eastern women are empowered, stylish, and inspiring, and to encourage customers to make more responsible fashion choices.

What has been your highest moment since launching your line?
My proudest moment is every time I get an order on my website! I launched my online store during the pandemic, amid all the financial and other difficulties that we were facing in business. The feedback and shopping volume has been overwhelming and way more than my team and I had expected, and I am forever proud and grateful.

How would you describe your brand? What is the aesthetic? Already answered

La FemmeRoje is a Vegan and Sustainable brand offering sustainable and cruelty free fashion choices created by  hand-crafters and artisans. I keep the production local and all garments are fully handmade. My collections show the western world the true power and uniqueness of Middle Eastern women.

Who is the customer you design for?

We design for brave, powerful, and audacious individuals who love the fusion of eastern and western art, and are not afraid to break rules in fashion.

Why did you choose La Femme Roje as your brand name?

To me, Paris is the ultimate home of fashion, and French is its language. the word La Femme means that woman and Roje is my nickname, so the name is a combination of my name and a glimpses of women empowerment.

Can you share something about the new FW21 Collection you'll be showing casing at Vancouver Fashion Week? What was the inspiration?

Khatoon Collection is inspired by the power and audaciousness of silenced women. These women are mysterious sparks of life and hope. They long for freedom, venture, awareness, and love, yet won’t give up any pieces of their true selves to please anyone around them. If you have met one, admire her, cherish and celebrate her, and get lost in her chaotic tranquility.

What fabrics and palette did you use?

My new collection features Velvet, Crepe, Vegan Leather, and Silk Printed fabric (printed in our own studio) along with handmade brass accessories on some pieces. The color palette is Cream, Beige, Army Green, and Black.

Do you have a favourite look in this collection? Is there one piece that is a must have piece?

It is honestly very tough to pick one favorite piece, but I would say the look you can see here - which is a combo of Khatoon Fringed Belt, Khatoon Crop Top, and Khatoon Flare Pants is one - and I believe that every single item in this look are must have pieces.

Where can readers find your garments? How can they purchase them?

My collections are available for sale on my website at at In the future I hope I get to introduce my work to more people through my own physical stores around the world. That way I would be able to see the excitement and joy in their eyes when they see and wear the fascinating eastern elements in my designs.

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