Vancouver Fashion Week FW 21 - Interview with Fashion Designer Makiseizumi It of ISXNOT (Japan)

2022 update - ISXNOT will be showing on the runway at VFW FW22 on Sat. Apr. 9th at 6:15 p.m. Tix HERE!

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2021 Interview - 

Brand description -

"It's like invading the cute world from the inside. Visualize inspiration from 'words' with the main theme of 'invisible.'" - from the website

Clothes are a suit of armor, which is the smallest personal space for me. As a designer, I design clothes that can walk together with the hearts of someone who can be cowardly to show one’s self, so that my clothes help them become stronger just by wearing them.

When I was young, I got out of the room and saw the starry sky from the window in the hospital corridor. It was beautiful. We know the beauty of looking up the freedom while being restricted. We are obsessed with “wanderlust” as we think of a free journey in the restriction of COVID-19. I have put my hopes in this collection to go find the Polaris to continue the journey of life.

All clothing is unisex.

Interview -

Please share a bit about your journey to choose a career in fashion? Where did you choose to study or, if self taught, how did you gain your skills?

I have not made or studied about clothes at all until I launched my brand ‘isxnot’, and did not attend any fashion school. I am still studying on the Internet whenever I come across challenging tasks.

What inspired you to launch your own label? What has been your highest moment since launching your line? Why did you choose ISXNOT as the name? What is the meaning?

One day, I thought, "I don't have anything left."

I didn't have anything to lose because I didn’t have anything from the beginning. From then, I decided to do what I wanted to do. Since I was little, I liked fashion and clothes and therefore, I chose this path without hesitation.

Every day is the best moment. Although it was my very first attempt filming my collections in the form of video, it was very exciting when the clothes of the story in my head took shape in the video with the help of videographers. But more than anything, meeting someone who wears the clothes I made and when they happily talk what they like about isxnot's clothes is very exciting no matter how many times I experience it.

As you can see, ‘isxnot’ has "x" in between words "is'' and "not". It means that there is no extra space in between and there should not be any extra thing in the world. "x" itself expresses the X mark; meaning "isn't". “INVISIBLE THING” is the main theme of the brand and it also comes from the same belief that there is no extra space i.e., the invisible thing.

Also, my nickname when I was little was “is” in Japanese. "Isn’t is" therefore also means that I am no longer my old-self who kept running away. To be able to become oneself different from the past named it.

How would you describe your brand? What is the aesthetic? Who is the customer you design for?

I put together my hopes into my clothes that they will walk along with the heart of someone. There were clothes that I couldn't get out of the house without wearing them, just as there are songs that you cannot sleep without. Since then, clothes are like armour, that is the smallest personal space for me. I consider myself, the foremost customer of isxnot. I design clothes that ‘I’ love and ‘I’ want, nonetheless, I believe and I wish that they can be the courage for the ones who are weak and are afraid of stepping out of the house.

Can you share something about the new FW21 Collection you'll be showing casing at Vancouver Fashion Week? What was the inspiration? What fabrics and palette did you use?

The continuing situation of the pandemic has been affecting all of us to feel uncomfortable and makes us think "I want to get out somewhere" or "I want to go on a trip". It reminded me of the day in my childhood memory when I got out of the hospital room, and saw the starry sky from the window in the hospital corridor. This collection was inspired by this experience.

Do you have a favourite look in this collection? Is there one piece that is a must have piece?

All my looks are my favorite, but if I was to choose one, I made shoes for the first time in this collection! Although there is much more that I need to improve on, I promise that it will be ready to excite all my customers by the time I deliver them. The zip dress with pleated hem has the matching color with the boots. I hope that you enjoy them as a set.

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