Vancouver Fashion Week FW 21 - Interview with Fashion Designer Danny Reinke (Germany)

Brand Description -

The label Danny Reinke was founded in 2014 by Danny Reinke and Julien Kelch.

Danny Reinke’s Prêt-à-Couture collection is a rhythm of contrasts. A mixing of luxe textiles emphasize the playfulness of spirit and style, while thoughtful tailoring is resonant with the careful construction that marks the German intellect and soul of the brand. Signature design elements in bodysuits highlight youthful femininity, while opulent tulle dresses present a strong yet accordant contrast with embroidery which is a hallmark of the brand.
The garments themselves are all lovingly handmade from the highest quality materials in Reinke’s Berlin atelier, ensuring a responsible method of production that is critical to the message of sustainability that is so important to the brand.

Bio -

Danny Reinke - 

A son of a fisherman, Danny was born in the north of Germany near the Baltic sea. Danny grew up fascinated with the sea and ships. Subtle elements in every collection reconstruct memories early fishing. In 2009, Danny Reinke began a dual course of studies in fashion design and ladies’ tailoring at the FahModa Academy for Fashion and Design in Hanover. In 2012. He also attended the Kraków School of Art and Fashion Design. In 2013, Reinke finished his studies at the FahModa Academy where he is now a lecturer on design and technical drawing.

Julien Kelch - 

Julien Kelch co-founded the label Danny Reinke with the designer of the same name in 2014. Julien has been active in the creative industry for several years, including as creative director. Together with Reinke he designs the concepts behind the collections.

Interview - 

Please share a bit about your journey to choose a career in fashion? Where did you choose to study or, if self taught, how did you gain your skills?

In 2009 I started a dual study program at the Fahmoda Academy of Fashion and Design in Hanover Germany. The focus of my studies was on classic tailoring combined with  fashion design. After successful completion, I did a few internships with Berlin fashion brands and was a design assistant at German sportswear brand, now Closed. In 2016, my business partner Julian Kelch and I founded the DANNY REINKE Prêt-à-Couture label.

What inspired you to launch your own label? What has been your highest moment since launching your line?

I believe the biggest reason to start the brand was the freedom to be able to work in my studio every day and to realize myself creatively. The first big milestone and to this day it is still a nice highlight to remember, was our very first presentation at the Berlin fashion  week in front of an international audience in winter 2017.

How would you describe your brand? What is the aesthetic? Who is the customer you design for?

Danny Reinke is a Prêt-à-Couture label, the focus is to use couture techniques for professional RTW outfits and glamorous evening gowns.

Can you share something about the new FW21 Collection you'll be showing casing at Vancouver Fashion Week? What was the inspiration? What fabrics and palette did you use?

MÖN2.0. is a tribute to my hometown, my heritage and the fishermen of the Baltic sea. In the current pandemic it was the return to connectedness from the isolation of family and caution.

Inspired by the Baltic Sea and the work clothes of the local fishermen, the color palette encompasses sand, yellow, grey, and various blue tones, evoking a theatrical mood. A mixture of stripe and check patterns enlivens the collection like a refreshing sea breeze. Tulle ruffles interplay with lacquered textiles to create a dynamism representative of the diversity of sea life while referencing the waterproofing of a fisherman’s kit. Wave forms are brought to life in lush tulle dresses, symbolizing the symbiosis of the fishermen with the sea representing the feeling of home and belonging, while delicate beadwork featuring genuine Swarovski crystals brings to mind the pearlescent scales of fish, transforming the wearer into an elegant sea creature. 

The Southwestern rain hats and long gloves complete the look in a technical mix of textiles, patterns, and colors that harmonize the magic of the sea with an overlooked way of life, elevated and celebrated through a creative vision.

Do you have a favourite look in this collection? Is there one piece that is a must have piece?

In this collection I personally like the sailor blouse very much. It is fun to combine and can be integrated into an everyday look. However, I also like the finale dress of each collection because the process of sewing is the most creative.

Where can readers find your garments? How can they purchase them?

Our brand ethos is making outfits made to measure. Customers can contact us via our website and on Instagram. The outfits are hand-made, customized and personally shipped to our clients.

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