Vancouver Fashion Week FW 21 - Vancouver Community College 20/21 Fashion Design Graduates (Film)

Vancouver Community College (VCC) has offered a first class Fashion program for over 35 years! Past graduates have gone on to work in all areas of the industry for companies like Aritzia, Arcteryx, John Fluevog, and Lululemon. Others have launched their own personal brands such as Old Fashioned Standards and Nakini Swimwear. The program helps each student develop their unique creative vision, but also assures they all acquire the technical and business skills needed to express those ideas in well-constructed, high quality garments - skills they will need to work in this highly competitive field.

On April 18th at 1 p.m., in lieu of the traditional live runway show, VCC will showcase their eleven 20/21 Fashion Design & Production Diploma program graduates in a fashion film shown in partnership with Vancouver Fashion Week. It will be an exciting showcase of each of the students' work. Below you'll get a chance to see some of the work that went into the collections. For more info on VCC's Fashion Design & Production Diploma program, please visit the website at

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Shadi Arastehmanesh -, IG @shadi_arastehmanesh

Turquoise Treasure 

Shadi is a start-up fashion designer with a focus in bridal and evening dresses, aspiring to bring her ideas to an international audience. She has worked more than eight years on creating relief artwork inspired by historical motifs and architecture

"Turquoise Treasure" is a women evening wear collection. The inspiration comes from the aesthetic of ancient architecture with exaggerated details. It’s like a journey through the past and returning with a suitcase full of inspiration ranging from the late 1800s to early 1900s, where the ladies wore gigot sleeves, bertha collar and bustle skirts. The colour palette is mostly traditional gold, copper, emerald, blue ruby, and turquoise in luxurious fabrics. In this collection adoptable details and accessories, strong attention to silhouette as well as functionality give you the chance to play with different looks and make a new style.

The idea is to create transformative details such as sleeves, collar, skirt, that you can mix and match with different dresses to give variety of looks , which makes the outfit more functional and at the same time shows creativity.

Jaspreet Cheema -, IG @iam_jasspreetkaurcheema


"Libas" (apparel) is a spring summer 2021 collection. This collection takes inspiration from celebrity clothing and need of sustainability in the era of fashion. i curate designs that are timeless, versatile and not dependent on trends and help customers to build a sustainable wardrobe. I used the fabrics (print and solid colour ) which have good drape, garment silhouettes hug the body even without restricting body movement which makes the wearer look comfortable and classic. She involved parrot green , light rose, black , gold, Forest green.

Brittany Cote -


"Dismay" is a Spring/Summer 2021 collection. This collection is based off of characters from various horror movies as I have a very strong interest in the horror genre.

Brittany's goal for this collection was to aim to make the clothes recognizable to the character as possible. She used various fabrics in her collection, chiffon, knit, silk, even though her fabrics don't match the collection still remained similar.

Kelley Fung -, IG @kelley.fung

Memory Lane

"Memory Lane" is a collection inspired by Kelley’s early childhood memories of iconic cartoon characters like Strawberry Shortcake and Peter Rabbit. Combined with her personal aesthetic of colourful pastel tones, she created pieces such as dresses and overalls using hand-dyed and hand-drawn to mimic the cartoon animation process. Kelley hopes her designs can transport people back to their childhood and elicit nostalgic memories.

Jaya Grewal -, IG @jaya_gre


"HOT MESS" is a spring summer 2021 collection. The collection is inspired by her mother, which acknowledges the unification of beauty & chaos of her schizophrenic mind. Jaya has an aesthetic appreciation for hand painting techniques and creativity. Her use of a bold colour palette on muku satin fabric defines her mother's strong emotions and tiny creature print depicts her hallucinations.

To my mother, for whom this collection is all about, "you are the beginning............."

Nataly Kingsley -, IG @nataly_kingsley

Connecting Generations 

Fashion Designer Nataly Kingsley is a recipient of Telio Excellence Scholarship. An award presents to a graduating student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the creation of a market ready collection and business plan.

Her collection "Connecting Generations" breaks out entrenched stereotypes and lets you see familiar things in a different way. Genuine leather meets clear vinyl creating a new ultra-modern look.The nice fit silhouette of the garments is embodied in the shimmering magic of satin combined with airiness of chiffon, so tenderness and sensuality aggregates confidence and perseverance in a person's individual nature.

"Connecting Generations" has women’s fashion apparel and accessories addresses a range of style preferences and lifestyle requirements for cosmopolitan women. Basic garments that are easily transiting from day to evening. "Modern, iconic, confident" best describes this collection. On more elevated terms, "Connecting Generations"gives women a chance to make their own adventurous wardrobe that fits their active lifestyle.

Website -

Riley Simmons -, IG @rileyfsimmons


"Playing is a four look Spring/Summer 2021 collection created by Indigenous designer Riley Simmons. This collection incorporates textual elements as well as computer and hand drafting skills to recreate sensory experiences from childhood. Riley’s collection is heavily inspired by children’s sensory toys and clothing. Each garment was designed to be mixed and matched with different pieces in the collection or with a favourite pair of jeans. Riley’s artistic vision was for each piece to be a bright, fun, and tactile experience for the wearer and everyone who passes by. Colourful and captivating, Riley aims to remind the audience of the innocence and wonders of childhood.

Celeste Sudermann -, IG @itsceleste_suds

Still Sideways

"Still Sideways" is a Fall/Winter 2021 Collection created by Celeste Sudermann. Celeste’s collection was designed with the concept of reconfiguring traditional clothing details, while incorporating unusual hardware as functional accessory, with hints of inspiration from retro/streetwear styles. Her color palette and fabric choices were influenced by the fabrics that were found at her school – as she was inspired by all the readily accessible materials that were donated to the school for students to use. She was also interested in the idea of including various pieces of hardware and giving them places on each one of her looks. This project was an opportunity for her to experiment with different materials and techniques while utilizing the found objects around her.

These looks were designed for anyone who likes to explore old things in new ways, and still likes them when they’re sideways.

Rabab -, IG @loomba_rabab


"PRAKRTI" is a Spring/summer2021.The collection takes inspiration from the beauty of nature exploring ideas of sustainability and connection of nature with the God reflected by different surface designs.Rabab’s artistic vision embraces life, using it to create unique lively garments with essence of nature in each of them.She uses materials that are all natural fabrics like silk and raw silk using elements inspired from natural as well like showing a gradient is done by dying.Her designs aim to bring a comfort found in lap of Mother Nature and maintain a friendly connection of human race with nature as a respect to nature by switching to Sustainability.

Cristian Montoya -, IG - @itscristyle


“EL CHARRITO” is a collection based on mariachis. Cristian Montoya, the designer of this collection, was inspired by his grandpa, better known as “the charrito”. He was a famous mariachi violinist who used to play songs with magnificent singers such as Rocio Dúrcal and Vicente Fernández. Cristian’s vision for this 4 look collection include the famous mariachi buttonery and a beautifully made gold embroidery. His designs show elegance, glamour and sexyness; combined with the typical uniform that mariachis usually wear. This is how he connects his Latin roots to his interest for red carpet extravagant looks.

Cayce Vanderzalm -

Spells of Magic

The collection's inspiration comes from everything mystical and wonderful in the world of fantasy, as well as the elements of nature. Each outfit was carefully crafted with a particular fantasy creature or element in mind. The children showcasing them were asked for input on the creation of items they are wearing, tailoring the pieces to the individual child’s ideas and dreams. From the colour schemes to the design features, every garment is a standalone, one of a kind piece and many of the fabrics are custom made. Cayce's goal with this collection, and every piece she makes, is to design fun, whimsical, and functional clothing for children that will last for years, not months.

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With challenging COVID restrictions still in place, VFW will be offering a digital showcase of fashion films provided by both local and international designers showcasing their latest Fall Winter 2021 collections. Partnerships with several companies will launch this season with the opportunity for you to win stay-cation essentials, yummy treats, healthy-looking skin, and more. Keep a sharp eye out on their Social Media channels to have a chance to enter! For more information and for show schedule (TBA), please visit their website at


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